Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Online Pass Issues

Hi guys, I know some of you have had trouble registering your online passes, I know there are some issues so I will try to explain your options.

Just to let you know I just activated mine without any problems I entered the code & downloaded the 100kb file that activates it.

First off when entering your code make sure the letters are capitals, if you use lower case you will get the invalid message.

If it still doesn't work a you know the code hasn't been used before then contact Konami Europe here

Fill out the info & someone should get back to you.

Hopefully this helps, if I find out any more info, I will edit this post.

Cheers, Paul


  1. Sorry to side track, If i will to install option file v1.4 overwriting v1.3, Will I lose the editing of player attributes done by myself? Thanks.

  2. Hi Sam, yeah you will, what editing did you do?

  3. I have only change the players speed/ position / shoot accuracy .etc

    Not worth mentioning here compared to your great works :)

    Looks like I am gonna hold first as it took me several days to do that. Dont wanna erase my own effort.

    Thanks for your reply mate.