Thursday, 28 November 2013

Player Appearances

Hi guys, I have added a new page listing all the player faces I have done so far. There are 180 already which surprised me when I counted them up and plenty more will be added in future updates. As I have said before there won't be many until I have finished creating the remaining teams/players, but you can start posting suggestions of who you would like to be updated so I know who to give priority to. You won't see them in the next update, but I will do my best to add them in future updates. Here are the rules in regard to making suggestions...

  1. I won't update any players that have a Preset face
  2. Only 2 players requested at a time
  3. Please provide the players name & club/NT
Just to keep you all updated on the progress of v1.6, I think it will be out sometime over the weekend. I'm making good progress on what I want to get done, just depends on if I get distracted.

Cheers, Paul

Thursday, 21 November 2013

What To Expect in v1.6 & Schedule Details

Hi guys, I thought I should give you a little update on what to expect in v1.6 as well as when to expect other things to be done. I'm hoping to release v1.6 late next week, I don't won't to give a exact date as things don't always run as smoothly as I hope.

The following will be included in v1.6...

  • All Championship players created
  • Liga MX kits completed
  • African NT kits completed
  • Austria Wien & Dinamo Zagreb players created
The BLUS version will also include all the files from v1.5 again to fix the issues with a few corrupted kits. I may get more than that done, but that is what I'm aiming to do as a minimum.

Now my college course has finished I will have more spare time for the next few weeks. My aim will be to finish any remaining kits and create the players for the Liga MX, ISL & the Other South American & Asian teams. I really wan't to start playing BAL & can't do that until these things are done. Hopefully 2 to 3 weeks after v1.6 should be enough time to do that.

After that I can start thinking about updating player appearances & the other little touches. When I'm ready to start taking suggestions of faces you would like to see fixed I will let you all know. Also on the subject of player faces, in the next few days I will add a page detailing all the faces I have edited so far.

Just one last thing, replies may be slow from me from lunch time tomorrow as I'm going out for celebratory drinks with my class mates, so if you might be waiting a while for answers to any comments.

Cheers, Paul

Info For Those OF You Who Are Having Issues

Hi guys, too many comments to reply individually again so I thought I would make a new post. Any of you who are still getting the corrupted data message format your USB drive and copy it again as it has been confirmed by enough people that it is now working.

If you have it working but kits are messed up or missing then copy the file again making sure you give the files chance to load (stop spinning) before copying to your PS3.

A couple of you mentioned one kit file was corrupted, which team or number was it please? so I can it.

If you don't have previous versions, then copy them all in order without starting the game & you will have no issues with compatibility.

Cheers, Paul

BLUS Fix (Hopefully)

Hi guys, there is a new link to the BLUS v1.5 on the downloads page. It contains all the v1.5 files so download it & copy to your PS3 saying yes when asked to overwrite. I don't think there will be any issues with it, but I will stay up for a bit to see any feedback.

If for some terrible reason it doesn't work then I will take another look at it tomorrow, but I'm confident the problems have been fixed.

Thanks again for your patience, I have something in place for future updates to stop these problems.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

BLUS Version

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of replies. I have been busy preparing for then giving my final college assessment afternoon and evening. I will try converting the file again to see where the error is, it will probably take me a couple of hours to convert, then another hour or so to upload.

Thanks for your patience, Paul

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stop Pirating The Game If You Want NT's/Leagues Added To PES

Hi guys, I'm always getting asked for various leagues or NT to be added to my option file. Konami tend to look at sales in various regions when deciding which teams or leagues to add to PES, hence the number of South American leagues added in recent years. Sales of PES have been high in South America for many years especially in Brazil, hence the inclusion of the Brazilan League in PES 2014 and the Argentiaian and Chilean leagues for PES 2014.

If you would like to see the Indonesian, Malaysian or any other Asian league or NT added to future editions of PES then I suggest you buy the game rather than download illegal copies of the game. I know games can be expensive, but if you want complete versions you have to support the developers.

Just to remind you all I don't support pirated copies of the game so you will have to look elsewhere if you are wanting the data packs or patches.

Cheers, Paul

v1.5 Out Now (BLUS/BLAS)

Hi guys, links are now on the downloads page for the BLUS and BLAS versions, just like the the BLES version if you don't have the previous versions you need to add them first.

Big thanks to leevina for doing the BLAS version for me again. The content is the same as the BLES version, I apologize for the delay, if I knew the data pack would be released earlier I would have already had the files converted.

Enjoy, Paul

Monday, 18 November 2013

v1.5 Out Now (BLES)

Hi guys, the link for BLES v1.5 of my OF is now on the downloads page. BLUS and BLAS versions will be uploaded tomorrow. Make sure you have downloaded both the Konami patch (v1.02) and data pack (v2.00) as well as have all my previous updates before adding this. I think I have fixed everything, but if you notice a face that should have been added as a preset with the new update that isn't in my OF then let me know so I can fix it. The update includes.....

Data Pack 2.00 Fixes
I have put back together all the Bundesliga & NT squads that were broken by the data pack. I have also checked faces that didn't update correctly and defaulted them so the new presets appear.

Premier League
Updated the remaining kits from Southampton to West Ham.

Updated all the kits and added more appearances.

Liga MX
Started adding kits (only 3 teams so far).

All teams have home, away and GK kits, some teams have 3rd kits.

Other European/American/Asian Teams
Added more kits. Basel, Steau Bucheresti, Viktoria Plzen and Sydney FC have the correct players (stats, positions, nationalities, etc) Only a few players have had appearances done.

National Teams
Kits added for all North/Central American teams. Some new kits added for other teams such as Argentina.

There are probably a few other things as well, the update is over 200mb so might take a while to download. any issues let me know.

Enjoy, Paul

Sunday, 17 November 2013

I'm Back...

Hi guys, I'm home now and once I have finished cleaning up the tent and packing everything away I will download the patch and data pack so I can get started on fixing everything up so I can release v1.5. I won't answer all the questions on the last post yet as until I have downloaded it myself I won't be able to answer anything.

Cheers, Paul

Saturday, 16 November 2013


Hi guys, sorry for the slow replies. I'm away this weekend and have very limited internet, but I will be home tomorrow afternoon. If  the data pack is out I will start work on fixing everything so I can release v1.5 as soon as possible.

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 8 November 2013

BLAS Version Out Now & Other News

Hi guys, thanks to leevina on PESGaming my OF is now avaliable for BLAS versions of the game, links are on the downloads page. Just like the other versions you need to download each version in order & add them to your PS3. Still no news on when a Xbox version might be avaliable as there are still no tools for converting all the files yet.

In other news as a lot of you may have seen this week Konami announced some details about the next data pack, as well as updating transfers it will add over 800 new preset faces, update some kits and add some new boots. Here are some pictures for any of you who haven't seen them.

No date has been given as yet, only that it will be this month. As soon as it is out I will fix up the issues it will cause and should be able to release v1.5 a day or two afterwards. There will be lots more included in v1.5 as well, I don't want to say exactly what yet though as it will depend on when the data pack is released.

Cheers, Paul