Saturday, 28 June 2014

Moving Forward

Hi guys, a little later than planned here is what to expect in future updates to my OF.

2014/15 Kits
I will continue to add the new kits for all the unlicensed teams, unfortunately there is no way to edit the kits for the licensed teams.

Promoted Teams
I will be adding the promoted teams for all leagues, the Liga Zon Sagres has expanded to 18 teams and I don't think there is any way I can increase the size of the league (but I will try). If I cant then I will just add Moreirense. I will be using the fake hidden teams to create the new teams, so the original teams will remain in the game as hidden teams. The licensed teams will keep there name, emblem, kits and players, but the unlicensed teams will only have their kits and players. There names and emblems will revert to default.

Duplicate Teams
When the Copa Libertadores 2014 was added it created some duplicate teams, I have already removed the duplicate Atletico Nacional and I will use the duplicate Deportivo Cali to create one of the promoted Argentinian or Chilean teams. Unfortunately I can't move the three Mexican teams to the Liga MX and they can't be edited, so I thought the best solution would be to remove the duplicate players and just put some free agents in the teams instead so there isn't two of the same player.

Player Appearances
I will continue to update the appearances of as many players as possible.

I will continue to update transfers and this is where you all come in. Here is a list of every transfer I'm aware of If you know of any others you can add to the bottom of the list & I can review it each day. Please add a link with each one and the squad number if you know it. Reputable links only please such as the buying or selling clubs website, no rumours or sites like

Currently Erik Durm is working on creating the J-League in place of the ISL, once he is done I will release two versions of my OF after each update, one with the ISL and one with the J-League.

Cheers, Paul

Thursday, 26 June 2014

v2.8 Out Now

Hi guys, v2.8 is out now for BLES/BLUS/BLAS, it contains...

Data Pack Fixes
I have defaulted all the stats for the WC players. I have also defaulted the appearances for a few players I had edited that got a preset face in the last data pack such as Lamert (England) & Ospina (Colombia). I have also fixed the name issue with some more Copa Libertadores 2014 players, I thought they would all be done for this update, but I ran into a few issues. Thanks to bhattu krishna for helping me work out what was going on.

Player Appearances
There are 30+ new player appearances added, most are World Cup players. You can see the new ones by checking the player appearances page.

Promoted Teams
I have added Leones Negros to the Liga MX in place of the relegated Atalante. Atlante have been moved to the other Latin American Teams, more info will be posted on regarding this.

I havent done any more transfers since v2.7 other than the players needed for Leones Negros. As with the promoted teams I will be posting info about transfers very soon.

New kits for Arsenal (home & away), Aston Villa (home,away,gk),. Chelsea (home,away,3rd,gk) & Liverpool (home,away,3rd,gk) have been added. /more to come in future updates.

That's about it for now, I will be posting info about what is to come in future updates either later today or tomorrow.

Enjoy, Paul

Monday, 23 June 2014

Netherlands Kit Fix

Hi guys, just a quick note to say that there is a new Konami patch v1.16 which fixes the issue with the Dutch NT kit. It has no other effect on the OF so you can download it without worrying about it messing up the OF. The server is currently down, so it is possible that there will be a new data pack as well (although I doubt it). I'm going to continue working on my OF & release v2.8 sometime this week.

Cheers, Paul

Monday, 16 June 2014


Hi guys, since the release of v2.7 there have been a few comments regarding transfers. I'm getting bored replying the same thing over and over so I thought I would write a post regarding the matter. I always try to keep transfers up to date and finish up with the final version of the OF in September with all transfers competed before taking a break before the new game is released. The Summer transfers are always worse than the Winter ones as they take place over a longer period so it can mean that teams can be understrength for longer.

I do the transfers as they happen as it makes things more manageable (remember this is just a hobby). Some people have suggested that I keep that as a separate file to release in September, the issue with this would be that I would then have to edit all the kits again as well as any other changes I have made to the main OF such as adding new players or appearances. This would double my work, meaning half as much would get done.

This is the solution for anyone that doesn't want transfers until they are all completed. Wait for the mini update that I will release after Konami have fixed the issue with the Dutch NT kit. This update will basically be v2.7 just with that kit fixed and adding a few of the new preset faces that I forgot to default before v2.7 was released. Then you can put back any players into the teams they were in and then don't download any of my updates until I release the final version in September.

When v2.8 gets released next month many more transfers will have happened, so there shouldn't be the issue of Arsenal having one goalkeeper (I will create a youth player if they haven't signed one by then).

I don't like sounding like an arse, by this is the way I have worked on OF's since I started releasing them for PES 2010 and I'm not changing. I would love to make numerous different versions to suit everyone, but this is just a hobby which I already dedicate way too much time to. If your not happy then there are many other wonderful OF's out there that might suit your needs better.

Cheers, Paul

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Quick Note

Hi guys, I'm away as I said & the internet is really slow. I have responded to what I can, but won't perply to anything else until I get home tomorrow afternoon.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Thursday, 12 June 2014

v2.7 Out Now

Hi guys, you can now download v2.7 compatible with DP7.00. It contains....

World Cup
All squads updated after the recent injury withdrawals & fixes to squad numbers. All kits are correct except for the Netherlands, I followed Konami's guide & defaulted them prior to the new data pack, but there has been a issue so until they fix it I can't even add my kits back in. I have either removed or updated the stats for for the players I had previously created that were added by the new data pack.

Player Appearances
The new data pack contained over 200 new or updated player appearances. I have also added a few more a defaulted players I had previously updated that now have a official face.

Updated Mexico GK kit and new kits for South Africa and New Zealand.

I have started doing transfers, only a few so far. This has caused starting lineups to mess up. I will wait until all transfers are completed before fixing them.

That's about it, hopefully a fix for the Dutch NT kit will be out soon. I'm away this weekend so replies may be slow. I hope you all enjoy this update and the World Cup.

Cheers, Paul

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Donate For Team Imports

Hi guys, first up I thought I would let you all know that I'm currently uploading new full files that contain everything from v1.0 through to v2.6. BLES is currently uploading and I will also upload the BLUS and BLAS versions. They have all 687 files in one download so take a couple of hours each to upload, so I will just update the downloads page as each one is ready. Obviously if you are up to date you don't need this, but they will be useful for any of you who are missing kits or haven't updated for a while.

No onto the reason for my post, I get asked a lot for different teams so I thought of a way to provide some of them while also raising money for the Relay For Life that I will be taking part in later in the year. For a AU$50 donation here I will fully create any club team not already in my OF as a import which will contain the following...

  • Correct Kits
  • Correct Emblem
  • All players
  • Appearances for every player
  • Boots/Accessories for every player
  • Transfer updates until September
I know it is quite a lot of money, but making one team from scratch with that amount of detail takes about 10 hours and I want to raise as much money as I can. Any questions post in the comments and if you decide to donate then email me the team of your choice.

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 6 June 2014

v2.6 Out Now (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

Hi guys v2.6 can now be downloaded on all formats, it contains.....

World Cup Squads
All 32 teams taking part in the up coming World Cup have the correct squads and kits.

Player Appearances
There are more updated player appearances, you can find out the new ones on the Player Appearances page, there are also a lot of updated boots and accessories.

Stadiums have been assigned and corrected names added for the Other European Teams, Brazilian teams and Championship teams.

Promoted Teams
I have moved the promoted teams to the Premier League, this has meant adding Leicester to the option file in the place of Yeovil. Also in this update is a export of Yeovil if you want to put them back in at the expense of another team. There are also exports of Brighton & Derby thanks to bhattu krishna.

I will add the promoted teams for the other leagues in future updates. Also coming in future updates will be all the transfers that have either already happened or will happen. There will also be more of the usual player appearances.

I'm going to keep bugging you all about this, but if anyone has some spare cash and would like to sponsor me in this years Relay For Life, then you can do so here

Have a great weekend, Paul