Friday, 30 August 2013

Penultimate Subscriber Update

Hi guys I have just sent out the penultimate subscriber update. It mainly contains more transfers and new players. There is also the new Angolan away kit & the Yeovil Town kits (I had to make up the away as I still haven't seen a picture) as well as a couple of appearance updates.

Only one more update to go which is both sad and exciting at the same time. The final update will mainly be transfers and any new players that need to be created because of them. Prep work for PES 2014 has already started.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Missing BLUS Kits

Hi guys, I have added a download link on the downloads page for the kits missing from the BLUS v2.7 just download them & copy them to your PS3. This is for BLUS users only as the kits are already in the BLES & Xbox versions.

Cheers, Paul

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Page Dedicated To Replacing Teams

As there have been so many comments regarding replacing teams with the extra ones I have created a page dedicated to how it is done. There is the previous PS3 info plus info on how to do it on Xbox as promised. I thought maybe my video wasn't clear, but I have watched through it again & I don't think I could make a better one.

Many of the issues you may run into aren't related to the tools or my OF, but to individual PC settings. You can post comments on that page if you are having issues, but it is better to email me a screenshot so I can see exactly what the problem is.

In other news the demo for PES 2014 has been announced for 11th September on PS3 & 12th September for Xbox (I think it is the 10th September for America) with the game to be released as expected on 20th September in Europe (meaning most likely the 19th here in Australia).

Thanks for reading, Paul

Monday, 19 August 2013

v2.7 Out Now (All Formats)

Hi guys, I have just added the download links for v2.7 of my OF, it contains....

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More updated player appearances
  • More new players
Subscribers don't need to download as you have everything that is in this update already.

You also now have access to the previously exclusive extra teams, they are in no particular order...

  • AS Monaco
  • Millwall
  • Peterborough Utd
  • FK Partizan
  • Crvena Zvezda
  • Rosenborg
  • HNK Hadjuk Split
  • Neftchi Baku PFC
  • Viktoria Plzen
  • Arema
  • Austria Wein
  • Rangers
  • AIK
  • Huddersfield Town
  • Ipswich Town
  • Bristol City
  • Barnsley
  • Kelantan FA
  • Persib Bandung
  • Persipura Jayapura
  • Hertha BSC
  • Eintracht Braunschweig
  • Doncaster Rovers
  • Bournemouth
  • Sassuolo
  • SC Cambuur
  • Go Ahead Eagles
  • Yeovil Town (No kits yet)
  • Villareal
  • FC Arouca
  • Livorno
  • EA Guingamp
  • Nantes
None of these teams have emblems due to the in game limit, I have added emblems for most of them to emblem pack so you can add them at the expense of another team if you choose to. In order to use these teams you will need to replace a existing team using the w!LD editor. Here are the tools you will need...

w!LD Editor

This video explains how you use them

This is for the PS3 versions, I will try to add the info on how to do it on Xbox tomorrow.

The BLUS and Xbox versions are not ready yet sorry, links for them will be added in the morning. I'm off for a early night after a few late ones so any questions will be answered in the morning.

Enjoy, Paul

Links for BLUS & Xbox versions are now on the downloads page

Friday, 16 August 2013

New Subscriber Update Out Now & Other News

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it includes...

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More new players
No time for any player appearance updates this week sorry. Also included are Go Ahead Eagles, Yeovil Town are also there, but with no kits yet. If anyone has seen a picture of their away kit send me a link as I can't find it anywhere.

I have removed the subscription option from my blog, subscribers will continue to receive their weekly updates up to the 6th September as planned.

I will release v2.7 on Monday as I think I have found the issue that was causing the game to crash for some users when playing as Galatasaray. I will also make the subscriber teams available with that update, then the final update v2.8 will be released as planned on 9th September.

In case some of you haven't seen Konami have announced the Chilean will be licensed for PES 2014 along with the Copa Sudamerica and Recopa which are the South American equivilants of the Europa League and European Super Cup. Hopefully there will be more news on licenses at Gamescom.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Extra Editable Leagues For PES 2014

Hi guys, I have been trying to find time to post about this for the last few days, as some of you may have seen it was announced a couple of days ago that there will be three editable top divisions as well as the editable 18 team 2nd Division. There is no news as yet on how these top divisions will be assigned, it could be that one is for South America and two for Europe, or it could be that you can decide which continent to each league is in.

Now assuming you can choose my preference would be to use the three leagues to make the Bundesliga, Russian Premier League and Scottish Premier League with the SkyBet Championship as the 2nd Division. A lot will depend on what other licenses are announced though, as well as any thoughts on possible leagues from you guys.

I'm only looking for suggestions of European or South American leagues to include at the moment until further details are released. This is just pure speculation from me at this stage so don't get your hopes up, but after the aqusition of the Asian Champions League license I think there is a chance that the J-League may finally come to PES. If this happens it could be possible that each of the three editable leagues will be linked to a continent, so one for Europe, one for South America and one for Asia. If this is the case then obviously I would create a league from each of those continents.

Gamescom starts in a week's time so I'm sure a lot more news will be released there as usually happens each year. In the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts on what leagues you would like to see.

Thanks for reading, Paul

Friday, 9 August 2013

New Subscriber Update (Aug2)

Hi guts, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More new players
  • More appearance updates
I think all Premier League, Bundesliga and Championship kits are now updated (let me know if I'm wrong). That just leaves the remaining Liga Zon Sagres kits. I will update the transfers page in a few minutes.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Remaining PES 2013 Updates & PES 2014 Plans

Hi guys, over the last few weeks I have been thinking about my current OF and plans for next years. Although there is no confirmed release date for PES 2014 yet for the BLES regions it has been confirmed that the BLUS versions will be released on 24th September, which means the BLES versions will most likely be either that same week or the week before. As games are released in Australia on Thursdays that will mean either the 19th or 26th. As I said this isn't confirmed, just my belief based on the confirmed date for the American versions.

With this is mind I will release the final subscriber update on Friday 6th September followed by the final regular (v2.7) on Monday 9th September. This then gives me a couple of weeks to first of all have a tiny break from editing, as well as start getting everything in place for the 2014 OF. When this final update is released I will make the extra subscriber teams available to everyone

Which leads me onto my plans for PES 2014, where I will again be making a OF for the BLES PS3. BLUS and Xbox versions will depend on if the same kinds of tools are availiable for PES 2013 are avaliable for 2014. This may take a while as the new game engine may take a while to crack.

So far there has been very little news on the editing side of the new game as is always the case, the only things confirmed so far are goalkeepers will have their own specific stats and that kits will be added in a different way. No full details on the exact changes to kits have been announced, but the common thoughts are that instead of using a image like this

as we do currently, we fill be able to add detail to the whole kit just like on PC where this is the kind of image used.

Hopefully this is the case as not only will it make the unlicensed teams look as good as the licensed ones, it will also be much quicker for me.

The next few weeks should see more info released about other important things such as new licenses and how many editable leagues/teams there will be so I can start planning properly. Until then I am planning that there will be the PES and WE Leagues as usually so again I will be creating the Bundesliga and Championship.

Just as a final thing on the PES 2014 OF, I have decided not to do subscriber updates. It has been great fun and I would once again like to thank everyone who has supported me by subscribing, but it has been hard work committing to getting enough new content for every week. I will still aim to keep up the high quality and amount of content as previous years, just with updates released when I think one is needed like previous years. I will aim for one update a month, but some months there will be more.

Thanks for reading, Paul

Monday, 5 August 2013

v2.6 Out Now

Hi guys, the links for v2.6 are now on the downloads page for all versions (BLES/BLUS/XBOX), it contains...

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More new players
  • More appearance updates
  • Some new league logos
Plus there are probably other things that I have forgotten I have done. A big thanks to 7oy for converting the file for BLUS & Xbox, if you are going to use either of these then make sure you have added the previous versions first. Any issues with either let me know, but they should both be working 100%.

There are lots of new kits, I can't remember exactly which ones are new so just take a look and you will see which ones have been done. As I said on Friday I only have a few kits slots left & they will be used for the remaining subscriber teams and Dinamo Zagreb, so after that I will only be able to update the kits of unlicensed teams unfortunately.

As I posted here a couple of weeks ago if a transfer is on my list, but isn't done then it is because the team is full or I need to create the player. Hopefully by the next update all transfers will be 100% correct.

Enjoy, Paul

Friday, 2 August 2013

New Subscriber Update (Aug1)

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More transfers
  • More new kits
  • More new players
  • A few appearance updates
Also included are two new subscriber exclusives teams you can add FC Nantes and SC Cambuur. The remaining two teams Yeovil Town and Go Ahead Eagles will hopefully be finished for next week's update.

I only have 8 kit slots left which will be used for the remaining subscriber teams and Dinamo Zagreb's new kits. This means apart from Zagreb I will not be able to update the kits of anymore licensed teams unfortunately.

The Xbox subscriber update should be out tomorrow sometime followed by v2.6 for everyone on Monday. BLES 2.6 will definitley be out Monday and hopefully 7oy will be able to get the Xbox & BLUS versions ready by then as well. v2.6 should fix the issue some of you are having with the BLUS version.

Have a great weekend, Paul