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How do I add the option file to my PS3?
First make sure you have the latest DLC, then download the the option file & extract it using WinRAR.  On a USB stick/pen drive - create a folder in it called 'PS3', go into this new PS3 folder and create a new folder inside this one called 'SAVEDATA'
copy the contents of the extracted folder into this SAVEDATA folder.

Then follow this video (credits goto DukeGuy on PESFan who made the video)

Alternatively you can use the PESianity guide which is in multiple languages & can be found here http://www.scribd.com/doc/173841087/PESianity-PES-2014-Option-File-Installation-Guide-for-PS3

I'm missing kits/faces/league emblems/ stadium banners, what is wrong?
Have a look at this post & it will explain whats happening http://paul2478pesoptionfiles.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/missing-kit-logos-league-logos-etc.html

When I plug my USB into all the files are corrupted, what can I do?
This can happen sometimes, if it does format your USB drive & copy the files again.  If it still doesn't work then format your USB drive & extract the files again.

The game wont start as it says that the file is from a different version?
Make sure you have the latest Konami DLC, this is availiable IG. Go to Information & select Data Pack

Where do I find the Konami DLC?
You will be prompted to download any patches when you start the game if the are avaliable. For data packs you go to Statistics then select Data Pack Update. If it is greyed out you are up to date.

How do I update the Championship Emblems?
If you would prefer the Championship teams to have the correct emblem at the expense of another team here's what to do.

  1. Download the emblem pack from the downloads page
  2. Extract the files & copy to the PS3/PICTURES folder of your USB
  3. On your PS3 goto the Photos section, highlight your USB then press triangle & select "Display All" then copy to your PS3.
  4. Start the game & goto edit mode.
  5. Select "Teams" the SkyBET Championship then the team you want to add the emblem for.
  6. Choose "Emblem" then "Importing Images" and select the correct logo then choose which existing logo you want to replace.
  7. Repeat for eact team.
  8. Then go to each team who's emblem you replaced and default their emblem by selecting "Emblem" then pressing triangle.
I have downloaded your new update & I have lost the Championship emblems, what do I do?
After each update you will still have the Championship emblems as save data so you just need to goto each team, select "emblem" then "Select Image". You will then need to default the other teams emblems as before.

I have a different BLES/BLUS/BLAS code, can I use your file?
For PES2013/14 then yes you can. For PES2012 no.

I've never used your file before, there are a lot of links, what should I download?
If you don't already have my file then download the latest full file which is above all the other links followed by any updates since then.

Will you edit the Classic platers & NT's?
No sorry all classic a retired players will be used to create current players.