Friday, 27 December 2013

Full Files Out Now

Hi guys, I have just added links to the downloads page for full versions of my OF, each one contains every file from v1.0-v1.8 for those of you who are new to the OF or have missed a few updates. I can't promise I will do this after every update, but I will do them from time to time. If you already have everything up to v1.8 then there is no need to download this as there is nothing new.

Also just to let you all know I will be going away for about two weeks from tomorrow morning, I will continue editing while I'm away but for the next week or so I will have little or no Internet access so any questions might not get answered for a while.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

v1.8 Out Now

Hi guys, links for v1.8 of my OF are on the downloads page now. Once I know the BLUS and BLAS versions are working ok I will upload full versions of each of the three versions for people who are new to the file or haven't updated for a while. Anyway here is what is included....

Indonesian Super League
9 teams have complete squads, players have correct names, stats, positions, nationalities, etc. Another 6 teams have mostly complete squads with players having correct names, stats, positions, nationalities. The remaining 3 teams haven't been touched as yet. No player appearances are done as yet and no kits are done as yet.

Other South American Teams
Juan Aurich now have correct kits. Atletico Nacional and La Equidad now have correct players (stats, positions, nationalities, etc).

National Teams
The remaining teams who hadn't had their kit added now have them, so all teams now have kits added. I still need to update some teams new kits and they will be in v1.9.

I'm sorry it isn't quite ML/BAL ready, but it is getting very close now. Please let me know if there are any issues with the BLUS/BLAS versions, I will be busy until tomorrow afternoon, but will fix up any issues then and upload the 3 full files sometime after that.

Merry Christmas (to those of you who celebrate it), Paul

Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Question

Hi guys, a couple of days to go to Christmas and I don't think I will have the file ML/BAL ready unfortunately. The heat and a few other things have transpired against me, so what I would like to know is would you still like v1.8 released on Christmas Eve or would you rather wait a week/ten days for it to be ML/BAL ready? I say that long as over the holiday period I will be travelling a bit and obviously spending time with family.

To give you a idea of what would be included if I release on Christmas Eve, you would get about 75% of the ISL teams done, Atletico Nacional and La Equidad done as well as the remaining NT kits for teams that currently don't have one (no updates to existing kits as yet).

Let me know what you all think in the comments, Paul

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Some News

Hi guys, thought I would post to let you all know how v1.8 is progressing. But before that there is another new link for the BLAS v1.7 on the downloads page, please let me know if it is working.

After a busy weekend I started work on v1.8 on Monday, I got off to a great start, but the last few days have been nearly 40 degrees and it has slowed me down a bit. This is because I do 99% of my editing in my shed and the only cooling I have there is a small fan. However I have still managed to complete the players for 7 ISL teams with  about half the players done for 2 other teams. That leaves 9 more ISL teams plus the 5 teams from the other South American teams and Kelantan still to do. I will continue to work hard to get them all done over the next few days.

The bad news is I doubt there will be any more kits or faces in done in v1.8, I won't say definitely not, but it is highly unlikely. My main aim is to get the file ML/BAL ready which means players, kits and faces will update even after you start a ML/BAL so even though I would like them done they are less of a priority.

Hope this keeps you all informed, Paul

Friday, 13 December 2013

v1.7 Out Now

Hi guys, links are now on the downloads page for v1.7 for BLES, BLUS and BLAS, here's what's new....

SkyBET Championship
Players created for the remaining three teams (Huddersfield, Ipswich & Yeovil), formations fixed for all teams.

Liga Mx
Players created for all teams (stats, positions, nationalities, etc), only a couple of appearances done for now.

Other European Teams
Austria Wien now have the correct players created (stats, positions, nationalities, etc).

National Teams
Remaining African kits done, some Asian kits done. Plus a few updates to already created kits.

On top of that there are a few other small fixes and some player faces done from your requests, I will try to get some more of them in v1.8.

Hopefully I will be able to create the ISL players, other South American teams players and Kelantans players as well as finish the last of the kits before Christmas, I will keep you all up to date over the next few days.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fake Hidden ML/BAL Teams

Hi guys, as any of you who have played ML or BAL will know there are a number of fake teams that appear when playing in Continental competitions, and up until now there wasn't anything I could do about them. The good news is last week the first version of the 2014 multiconverter was released meaning I can convert my PS3 edit file to PC and use tools like PES Editing Studio to edit some things that I couldn't before. The tools are still Beta versions so don't have full functionality and can cause a few issues meaning they are not quite ready for me to use, but hopefully they will be very soon.

In total there are 22 fake European teams, 23 fake South American teams and 1 fake African team. I have been talking with 7oy and we have decided that to save time we will work together on replacing these teams with real teams. Once we have had a proper discussion I will let you know which teams will be added and let you know if we need any suggestions (please no suggestions for now).

In other news the Classic/3rd kit DLC that some of you may already have will be available to download on PS3 for free if you don't already have it, the kits are...

- Manchester United
- Inter Milan
- Juventus

Classic European:
- Benfica 1961/62
- AS Roma 1982/83
- AC Milan 1989/90
- Manchester United 1998/99

Classic South American:
- Racing Club Avellaneda 1967
- Santos FC 1968
- Colo-Colo 1992
- São Paulo 1993
- Universidad de Chile 1996
- Boca Juniors 1997 

Also revealed on Twitter in the last few days is news that Konami are testing the latest patch and data pack, there is no news on what either will include or when they will be released, other than the fact there will be some new kits, meaning there is a good chance some NT kits such as Germany and Spain will be included.

Cheers, Paul

New pictures from the next data pack have been released confirming new Spain & Germany kits :)

Thursday, 5 December 2013

v1.6 Out Now

Hi guys, download links are now up for v1.6 of my OF, I hoped to have a bit more done, but I will be away again for the next couple of days and didn't want to make you all wait any longer. Here's what is new since v1.5....

SkyBET Championship
All teams except Huddersfiled, Ipswich and Yeovil have the correct players (stats, positions, nationalities, etc). I haven't done the formations as yet but squad numbers are done.

Liga MX
All teams now have home, away and GK kits, most have 3rd/4th kits as well.

National Teams
Some African NT kits have been added and a few other kits have some minor fixes.

Classic Players
All European Classic players have now been used to create current players, as well as most of the World Classics.

Other European Teams
Dinamo Zagreb now have the correct kit and players (stats, positions, nationalities, etc).

There are a few other small fixes as well, I haven't done any requested appearances as yet, as I said they will come after I have finished creating the remaining teams/players, although a few may get added before then. v1.7 hopefully won't be too far away & will include the remaining NT kits, Championship teams & formations and the Liga MX players as a minimum.

Any BLUS users who had issues with v1.5 I have added a new download link for v1.5 that you should add before v1.6. If you had no issues then go straight to v1.6.

As I said at the start of the post I'm away from tomorrow morning until Sunday, I don;t know if I will have much internet access while I'm away so will respond to any questions when I get back. I will be online for a few hours tonight though if there are any issues.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Monday, 2 December 2013

Further v1.6 Delays Sorry

Hi guys, I'm going to delay v1.6 until later in the week as I'm still not 100% happy with what is included so far. I'm sorry for messing you all around, but other things have got in the way of editing over the last week more than I expected. I shouldn't have set a date for release as it is a guarantee that other things will get in the way.

Also just to let you all know, I will be away for a day from tomorrow lunchtime and will have little or no internet access, so I may be slow getting back to any questions.

Sorry again, Paul

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Slight Delay

Hi guys, I'm really sorry but v1.6 will be delayed until tomorrow night as I wont get the Championship teams finished tonight and I don't want to release until it is done. I will keep working on it for a few more hours tonight, then finish off tomorrow.

Cheers, Paul

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Player Appearances

Hi guys, I have added a new page listing all the player faces I have done so far. There are 180 already which surprised me when I counted them up and plenty more will be added in future updates. As I have said before there won't be many until I have finished creating the remaining teams/players, but you can start posting suggestions of who you would like to be updated so I know who to give priority to. You won't see them in the next update, but I will do my best to add them in future updates. Here are the rules in regard to making suggestions...

  1. I won't update any players that have a Preset face
  2. Only 2 players requested at a time
  3. Please provide the players name & club/NT
Just to keep you all updated on the progress of v1.6, I think it will be out sometime over the weekend. I'm making good progress on what I want to get done, just depends on if I get distracted.

Cheers, Paul

Thursday, 21 November 2013

What To Expect in v1.6 & Schedule Details

Hi guys, I thought I should give you a little update on what to expect in v1.6 as well as when to expect other things to be done. I'm hoping to release v1.6 late next week, I don't won't to give a exact date as things don't always run as smoothly as I hope.

The following will be included in v1.6...

  • All Championship players created
  • Liga MX kits completed
  • African NT kits completed
  • Austria Wien & Dinamo Zagreb players created
The BLUS version will also include all the files from v1.5 again to fix the issues with a few corrupted kits. I may get more than that done, but that is what I'm aiming to do as a minimum.

Now my college course has finished I will have more spare time for the next few weeks. My aim will be to finish any remaining kits and create the players for the Liga MX, ISL & the Other South American & Asian teams. I really wan't to start playing BAL & can't do that until these things are done. Hopefully 2 to 3 weeks after v1.6 should be enough time to do that.

After that I can start thinking about updating player appearances & the other little touches. When I'm ready to start taking suggestions of faces you would like to see fixed I will let you all know. Also on the subject of player faces, in the next few days I will add a page detailing all the faces I have edited so far.

Just one last thing, replies may be slow from me from lunch time tomorrow as I'm going out for celebratory drinks with my class mates, so if you might be waiting a while for answers to any comments.

Cheers, Paul

Info For Those OF You Who Are Having Issues

Hi guys, too many comments to reply individually again so I thought I would make a new post. Any of you who are still getting the corrupted data message format your USB drive and copy it again as it has been confirmed by enough people that it is now working.

If you have it working but kits are messed up or missing then copy the file again making sure you give the files chance to load (stop spinning) before copying to your PS3.

A couple of you mentioned one kit file was corrupted, which team or number was it please? so I can it.

If you don't have previous versions, then copy them all in order without starting the game & you will have no issues with compatibility.

Cheers, Paul

BLUS Fix (Hopefully)

Hi guys, there is a new link to the BLUS v1.5 on the downloads page. It contains all the v1.5 files so download it & copy to your PS3 saying yes when asked to overwrite. I don't think there will be any issues with it, but I will stay up for a bit to see any feedback.

If for some terrible reason it doesn't work then I will take another look at it tomorrow, but I'm confident the problems have been fixed.

Thanks again for your patience, I have something in place for future updates to stop these problems.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

BLUS Version

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of replies. I have been busy preparing for then giving my final college assessment afternoon and evening. I will try converting the file again to see where the error is, it will probably take me a couple of hours to convert, then another hour or so to upload.

Thanks for your patience, Paul

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stop Pirating The Game If You Want NT's/Leagues Added To PES

Hi guys, I'm always getting asked for various leagues or NT to be added to my option file. Konami tend to look at sales in various regions when deciding which teams or leagues to add to PES, hence the number of South American leagues added in recent years. Sales of PES have been high in South America for many years especially in Brazil, hence the inclusion of the Brazilan League in PES 2014 and the Argentiaian and Chilean leagues for PES 2014.

If you would like to see the Indonesian, Malaysian or any other Asian league or NT added to future editions of PES then I suggest you buy the game rather than download illegal copies of the game. I know games can be expensive, but if you want complete versions you have to support the developers.

Just to remind you all I don't support pirated copies of the game so you will have to look elsewhere if you are wanting the data packs or patches.

Cheers, Paul

v1.5 Out Now (BLUS/BLAS)

Hi guys, links are now on the downloads page for the BLUS and BLAS versions, just like the the BLES version if you don't have the previous versions you need to add them first.

Big thanks to leevina for doing the BLAS version for me again. The content is the same as the BLES version, I apologize for the delay, if I knew the data pack would be released earlier I would have already had the files converted.

Enjoy, Paul

Monday, 18 November 2013

v1.5 Out Now (BLES)

Hi guys, the link for BLES v1.5 of my OF is now on the downloads page. BLUS and BLAS versions will be uploaded tomorrow. Make sure you have downloaded both the Konami patch (v1.02) and data pack (v2.00) as well as have all my previous updates before adding this. I think I have fixed everything, but if you notice a face that should have been added as a preset with the new update that isn't in my OF then let me know so I can fix it. The update includes.....

Data Pack 2.00 Fixes
I have put back together all the Bundesliga & NT squads that were broken by the data pack. I have also checked faces that didn't update correctly and defaulted them so the new presets appear.

Premier League
Updated the remaining kits from Southampton to West Ham.

Updated all the kits and added more appearances.

Liga MX
Started adding kits (only 3 teams so far).

All teams have home, away and GK kits, some teams have 3rd kits.

Other European/American/Asian Teams
Added more kits. Basel, Steau Bucheresti, Viktoria Plzen and Sydney FC have the correct players (stats, positions, nationalities, etc) Only a few players have had appearances done.

National Teams
Kits added for all North/Central American teams. Some new kits added for other teams such as Argentina.

There are probably a few other things as well, the update is over 200mb so might take a while to download. any issues let me know.

Enjoy, Paul

Sunday, 17 November 2013

I'm Back...

Hi guys, I'm home now and once I have finished cleaning up the tent and packing everything away I will download the patch and data pack so I can get started on fixing everything up so I can release v1.5. I won't answer all the questions on the last post yet as until I have downloaded it myself I won't be able to answer anything.

Cheers, Paul

Saturday, 16 November 2013


Hi guys, sorry for the slow replies. I'm away this weekend and have very limited internet, but I will be home tomorrow afternoon. If  the data pack is out I will start work on fixing everything so I can release v1.5 as soon as possible.

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 8 November 2013

BLAS Version Out Now & Other News

Hi guys, thanks to leevina on PESGaming my OF is now avaliable for BLAS versions of the game, links are on the downloads page. Just like the other versions you need to download each version in order & add them to your PS3. Still no news on when a Xbox version might be avaliable as there are still no tools for converting all the files yet.

In other news as a lot of you may have seen this week Konami announced some details about the next data pack, as well as updating transfers it will add over 800 new preset faces, update some kits and add some new boots. Here are some pictures for any of you who haven't seen them.

No date has been given as yet, only that it will be this month. As soon as it is out I will fix up the issues it will cause and should be able to release v1.5 a day or two afterwards. There will be lots more included in v1.5 as well, I don't want to say exactly what yet though as it will depend on when the data pack is released.

Cheers, Paul

Thursday, 31 October 2013

ISL Kits

Hi guys, I hope you are all enjoying v1.4, just thought I would let you all know I now have all the images I need for every teams kits except for the ISL. I'm hoping to find someone willing to make those kits for me as I'm not very good in Photoshop (although I will do them myself if I can't find anyone). In order to get them made thought I need some decent images of the actual kits. If anyone could send me a email containing pictures of the current home, away and gk kits for them I would be grateful. My email if you don't already know is

Cheers, Paul

Sunday, 27 October 2013

v1.4 Out Now

Hi guys, links for v1.4 are now on the downloads page. I have taken down the full files as people were having issues with them. If you have never used my file before you need all versions from 1.0 to 1.4. v1.4 contains...

Premier League
All kits from Arsenal to Southampton have been re-done, the other teams will be re-done for v1.5. The old ones were good, but these are even better. Aston Villa and Crystal Palace now have 3rd kits.

Lots more player appearances have been added.

National Teams
All European and South American teams now have their correct kits.

The Championship is coming to v1.5, no time frame for it's release, but it will be sometime in the next 2 weeks. I will also hope to have the remaining NT kits done by then.

Enjoy, Paul

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Some News

Hi guys, I hope you are all enjoying v1.3, I thought I would update you all with a little news. Mediafire still seems to be slow downloading, I will check again in the morning as it will only be a temporary thing. Please don't upload my file to other sites as I like to track downloads and where people are downloading from so I can cater my OF to users.

I have uploaded full BLES and BLUS files containing all the files from v1.0-1.3, links are on the downloads page for people who are new to the file or dont have each version. If you are up to date there is nothing new so no need to download.

I have been busy editing again today, I have a day home alone on Saturday so v1.4 could be out on Saturday night (no guarantees) with more kits & Bundesliga player appearances.

I have seen rumors that the next Data Pack is currently in testing, this usually takes 2 weeks so hopefully it isn't too far away. The post I read said that it contains 700 new player faces, although I think it may be less than that.

Finally I have disabled comments on all pages except the main page to make it easier for me to respond to any questions.

Thanks for reading, Paul

v1.3 Out Now

Hi guys, v1.3 is finally ready for BLES & BLUS, links are on the downloads page. It contains...

All players have been created with correct name, position, stats, etc. Some players have appearances done as well, others will have appearances added in future updates. I haven't worried too much about starting line ups as they will be reset by the DLC, but formations are correct.

National Teams
More kits added for some of the European teams, hopefully by the next update all NT's will have the correct kit.

Plus there are a few other little fixes. You need the previous version as well as this update, tomorrow I will upload versions with all files from v1.0-v1.3. I Will be off to bed soon, so will answer any questions in the morning.

Enjoy, Paul

Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Slight Delay

Hi guys, I had hoped to release v1.3 sometime today, but due to a busier than expected weekend this is unlikely sorry. I'm taking my wife out to see Gravity in a bit and will continue editing when I get home, depending on how late I manage to stay awake (after a couple of late nights), will depend on whether the update gets released later tonight. If it doesn't then it will be out tomorrow.

Hope you are having a great weekend, Paul

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Hi guys, I thought I would update you all on what to expect next, and the order I will be doing things. My main aim whenever I start making my OF is to have everything in place to start my BAL, this also means people can start ML (I hope to find time to play ML this year as well). So this is the order I will be doing things from now...

  1. Create Bundesliga Players
  2. Fix Championship kits & create players
  3. Fix Liga MX, ISL & Other European, American & Asian Kits & Create players
In between that I will also add missing NT kits. All this obviously takes time, last year I only had to create 36 teams this year it is 78. Plus this year more NT's need kits added than previous years, the next update as a minimum will have the Bundesliga teams finished plus more NT kits, there may also be a few other things.

Again I won't be doing transfers as they will be fixed by the upcomming Konami data pack (looks like it will be early November). Once all the teams are created I will start updating player appearances and other things.

I'm going to play a few games myself now.

Cheers, Paul

Monday, 14 October 2013

v1.2 BLUS Fix

Hi guys, new link for the BLUS version is up now, it should work without any issues. Now I know what the problem was all future updates will have BLES/BLUS versions at the same time. I would like to thank you all for your patience.

Again off topic, my wife's Relay for Life team is only $35 away from raising $2,000, would love it if any one can help her reach that target by donating here

Cheers, Paul

Sunday, 13 October 2013

v1.2 Out Now

Hi guys, the BLES v1.2 of my OF is out now, the BLUS version will hopefully be up later today and if not will be ready tomorrow. You need both v1.0 and v1.1 before adding it, links are on the downloads page and the update includes....

Liga Zon Sagres
All teams now have home, away and goalkeeper kits.

All teams now have home, away and goalkeeper kits, some teams also have 3rd kits. Nurnburg, Mainz and Hoffenheim have the correct players. Only some have correct appearances at the moment though.

Other European/American/Asian Teams
A couple of teams now have correct kits.

National Teams
Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil and Japan now have correct kits.

Classic Players
I have started using them to create current players.

As with any other kits I have done so far, some are perfect and others will need improving. I have added a few more 3rd kits and tweaked a few existing kits as well, more improvements will follow.

This week I will finish the Bundesliga players and add more kits, the next update will be next weekend (if not before). I should have more time this week than I did last week, but I'm still pleased with what I managed to get done, even though I would have liked to have finished more Bundesliga teams.

Slightly off topic I would like to thank those of you who donated money this week to support my wife's 24 hour Relay for Life in support of cancer research. She finished up this morning and has spent most of the afternoon sleeping (which gave me plenty of editing time). It's not too late to donate if you can, you can do it here or if that doesn't work you can use the donate button on my blog & I will make the donation on your behalf. Would be nice to see her team get over the $2,000 mark.

Cheers, Paul

**BLUS version is now on the downloads page**

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Some News

Hi guys, thought I would post to let you know what progress I have made since getting back from holiday. First up I have done the kits for the Liga Zon Sagres teams and I'm about half way through the Bundesliga teams kits. I have also started creating players for the Bundesliga teams, my aim is to finish the remaining Bundeliga kits and get as many as possible if not all the players created by Sunday. Even if I don't quite finish the players I will release v1.2 on Sunday with as much as I have done.

I should have a mostly free day on Saturday for editing as my wife will again be taking part in the Relay for Life which raises money for cancer research, if anyone has some spare cash and would like to donate you can do so here I think the link works from anywhere in the world, but if you are outside Australia and it doesn't work then you can donate by using the donate button on my blog and any money received by Sunday morning I will donate.

Finally for today there is still no official word on when the next Konami data pack will be released, I have read on Twitter that the next patch will be in November, but hopefully the data pack will come before then.

Cheers, Paul

Saturday, 5 October 2013

I'm Back!!!!

Hi guys, got home from my trip a few hours ago and I've already started editing :) This week I will be working on the Liga Zon Sagres kits as well as doing the Bundesliga kits. I will also start making the Bundesliga players, if all goes to plan I should have all that done by sometime next weekend so I can release v1.2. Hopefully I may also get chance to add a few other kits in that time as well.

Cheers, Paul

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Hi guys, just because I'm getting bored of answering the question over and over again I thought I would make a post regarding transfers. I'm not going to update the transfers as Konami will release a patch at some point that will update them, I don't know when, but going on previous years I would say it will be in the next few weeks.

I could spend time doing them, but it seems a waste of time when Konami will do it. I believe that time is better spent creating the extra teams/players and fixing the kits of the unlicensed teams. I'm still away, but will start on creating the Bundesliga as soon as I get home on the weekend.

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 27 September 2013

v1.1 Out Now

Hi guys, the download links for v1.1 are now on the downloads page for both BLES & BLUS if you don't already have v1.0 then download & it it to your PS3 first. This is the first time I have converted the file myself so if the BLUS version works or doesn't work let me know in the comments. Anyway here's what's been added since v1.0....

Premier League
All teams now have Home, Away & GK kits, plus some teams have 3rd kits, I'm still working with 7oy to iron out a few issues with the PNG's so a lot of them will be updated and I hope to add more 3rd/4th kits in future updates.

All teams have now been renamed with emblems added, I will start work on creating kits/players next.

Liga MX
All teams have now been renamed with emblems added.

Indonesian Super League
All teams have now been renamed with emblems added, I have also added the league logo.

SkyBET Championship
All teams have now been renamed based on the top 18 teams from the poll that has been running. The dreaded emblem limit has struck again so the top 8 from the poll have the correct emblem & the remaining 10 teams just have the league logo. Once I have created all the players I will put up another guide on how to switch emblems.

Other European/American/Asian Teams
All teams have now been renamed with emblems added.

I'm going on holiday for a week tomorrow and won't have my PS3 with me so won't be doing any editing other than making player stats ready to put in when I get back. I will have limited internet access so will do my best each evening to answer any questions you may have, please be patient if I don't get back to you straight away.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

v1.0 Out Now for BLUS

Hi guys, just a quick post to say thanks to Dhanikun v1.0 is now available to download for BLUS users, the link is on the downloads page. It contains everything that was included in the BLES.

If you have any issues let me know.

Thanks again Dhanikun, Paul

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Remaining Teams

Hi guys, now the poll for Championship teams has closed I can confirm which teams will make up the 18 team Championship, plus info on the teams for the other South American and Asian teams. As previously confirmed the other European teams will be the 4 missing CL teams plus Dinamo Zagreb.


  • QPR
  • Leeds Utd
  • Millwall
  • Wigan Athletic
  • Blackburn Rovers
  • Nottingham Forest
  • Middlesborough
  • Yeovil Town
  • Birmingham City
  • Bolton Wanderers
  • Charlton Athletic
  • Sheffield Wednesday
  • Watford
  • Ipswich Town
  • Burnley
  • Blackpool
  • Reading
  • Huddersfield Town
In a few months once everything else is done I will hopefully make the other 6 teams as imports.

Other South American Teams

  • Atletico Nacional (Colombia)
  • La Equidad (Colombia)
  • River Plate (Uraguay)
  • Nacional (Paraguay)
  • Juan Aurich (Peru)

Other Asian Teams
  • Sydney FC (Australia)
  • Kelantan FA (Malaysia)
I have also decided that the ISL will be made up of the teams competing in the 2014 ISL as the promotions/relegation's for 2013 have been confirmed. I no there are other teams people would like to see, but this will be the final list. Hopefully (depending on time) I can make more teams/leagues for importing into the file.

Cheers, Paul

Konami DLC & Jailbroken PS3's

Hi guys, just thought I would post to reiterate something I have said before. To use my option file you need the latest Konami data pack which can be obtained in game when your PS3 is signed into the PSN. Obviously if you have a jailbroken PS3 you can't do this. I don't support jailbroken consoles so if you are looking for unofficial download links for data packs then I suggest looking elsewhere as I won't post them and will delete any links posted by others in the comments.

If your PS3 isn't connected to the internet and your PS3 isn't jailbroken then any downloads for data packs cant be added so I would suggest either getting your PS3 connected to the internet or taking it to somewhere where you can as there is no other way to get the updates.

Cheers, Paul

Sunday, 22 September 2013

PES 2014 OF v1.0 Out Now

Hi guys, v1.0 of my PES 2014 is now out, the links are on the downloads page, it contains....

All unlicensed leagues and cups have been renamed and have emblems added (except the ISL). Some look a bit pixilated, but I will fix them up in future updates.

Premier League
All team names have been corrected and emblems added. Arsenal and Aston Villa have basic home, away & GK kits. I started them, but the dimensions have changed so in the next day or two when improved PNG's are out I will improve them & add the remaining teams kits.

Liga Zon Sagres
All teams have been renamed and emblems added, kits will follow.

In game teams have been moved to the league.

National Teams
All duplicate players have been replaced in the unlicensed teams and all fake players have been renamed. Kits will come in future updates.

Classic Players
Not touched yet, but they will be used to create current players.

Enjoy, Paul

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Got It!!!!

Hi guys, I'm currently downloading PES 2014 from the European Playstation Store, it's over 7GB so will take a little while. Thanks victory_22 for the heads up, I wouldn't have checked until tomorrow unless you had said it was there already.

Once it is downloaded & I start on editing please go easy on me when it comes to questions of when I will have something to download, the more time I spend answering that the slower my editing goes. I hope that by Sunday afternoon/evening (AEST) I will have something uploaded.

Also mianly just for for other people in Australia it is only $69.95 from the store compared to the $84.95/89.95 at JB Hi-Fi/EB Games plus you get a few avatars, the classic kits & 3rd kits included.

Cheers, Paul

Championship Teams

Hi guys, as some of you would have noticed there is currently a poll on the side of my blog regarding which Championship teams you would like to see in my 2014 OF. As with previous years I can only make 18 in the main file, so 6 will have to be cut. You can each vote once for one team, and the top 18 based on the results, if there is a tie or less than 18 teams get a vote, I will select teams based on where they finished in the 2012/13 season.

Hopefully once everything else is done I will be able to make the remaining 6 teams as team imports for people who want the ones that don't make it into the main file.

Cheers, Paul

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Indonesian League & Extra NT's

Hi guys, first up I want to address something I forgot to include in my last post, which is about extra NT's. I won't be able to add any extra NT's this year as there are no classic NT's in PES 2014. The other option (if there is a multiconverter this year) would be to replace one of the existing NT's, but I will not being doing this.

The other thing I wan't to talk about is the issue of the Indonesian League, a few of you have been saying that you would prefer the Super League over the Premier League. My reason for selecting the Premier League was that as far as I was aware it was the highest level of football in Indonesia as the Champions got a place in the ACL.

If I'm wrong on this and the Super League is in fact the top level of football in Indonesia then I will make it instead. Please let me know in the comments.

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 13 September 2013

PES 2014 Option Final Plans & Schedule

Hi guys, today I will outline my plans for my PES 2014 OF. The game is released next week in Europe, is normally released in Australia the same week, this would mean the 19th. Both major game retailers have until recently had the Australian release date as the 26th and in the last few days have changed it to 3rd October. I never believe them when it comes to PES though as this kind of thing happens every year here, a few years ago they had the release date as early November when in fact it was released in early October. If however it is released later here, I will try to get it from the Playstation Store instead so I don't have too much catching up to do.

Now a little bit of bad news, I going away from 28th September until 5/6th October (poor planning I know) so won't get any editing done during that time, the good news is that I have the week before that off as well so providing I get the game next week I will be able to dedicate all my time in that week to editing.

My plan is to get at least the unlicensed stuff like League names/emblems, Team names/kits/emblems and the NT player names fixed within 2 to 3 days of getting the game so I can release v1.0, I will then start on creating the extra teams so everyone can start on ML/BAL. I will leave appearances until after that as Konami will be adding lots of new ones with DLC.

This year there will be no schedule for updates, I will just release them as and when I feel there is enough new content to justify it or after any DLC that messes the OF up. I will aim for at least one update a month though, and obviously they will be more regular at the start as I'm adding all the new things in.

The four editable leagues will be used for the following...

  • Europe - Bundesliga
  • South America - Liga MX
  • Asia - Indonesian Super League
  • Div 2 - Sky BET Championship
These were all pretty easy to pick except for Asia, personally I would prefer to add the J-League or even the A-League, but there are so many fans of my OF in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam that I knew I would have to add one of them. Indonesia was chosen as outside of the UK that is where the majority of people who visit my blog or download my OF are.

Now just as a small thing I want to point out after comments about the extra NT's I added for 2013, the Indonesian League is a weak league so the players will have pretty poor stats, also the appearances will probably all just be the correct skin color and hairstyle. If any Indonesians are not happy with that then I will make the J-League or A-League instead.

Now as none of the three leagues are 20 teams there will be a few teams left over that should go into the other teams sections for each region. There will be 5 from Europe (as 3 Bundesliga teams are already in the game) which will be used to create the four missing CL teams Austria Wien, Basel, Steaua Bucuresti and Viktoria Plzen. The fifth team will be Dinamo Zagreb.

There will be a least 2 from South America, possibly more if the in game teams from the Libertadores mode can be moved into the league, I haven't decided what teams to use these for yet, but they will be South American teams not already in the game.

There will be 4 from Asia, they will be used to make 2 A-League teams, 1 Malaysian team and 1 Vietnamese team that are not already in the game.

I will again update player appearances, but as I said earlier I probably won't do any until I have got all these extra teams created, but rest assured plenty will get done throughout the year.

This has turned into a much longer post than I thought it would, but finally at this stage it is unknown if there will be a converter that enables the use of PC editing tools although I expect there will be, it just may not happen for a few months. This means that I can't say what hidden extra things that may be in the game I will be able to edit and it also means that there may be no way to convert my OF to BLUS or Xbox. As soon as I have any news on this I will let you all know.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Thursday, 12 September 2013

PES 2014 Editing News

Hi guys, as some of you will have seen there has been a bit more info released on editing options for PES 2014. I was told quite a bit of this previously but could release the info as it was still under embargo, but now I will fill you in.

As was previously announced there are now more options for editing kits, instead of just adding a PNG for the front of the shirt, it is now possible to add one for the front of the shorts, front of the socks and one for each of the sleeves. Also shirts can now have 5 layers, shorts 4 and socks 3 so kits should look even better.

It will be possible to add 3rd and 4th kits for unlicensed teams, but there is still only one GK kit. Some licensed teams will have the option of a 3rd kit through DLC, you may have seen one of the pre-order bonuses containing 3rd kits for Man Utd & Milan (plus a few others). I think I read that these would be released as part of data packs at a later date as well although I could be wrong.

Stats have changed slightly, some have been removed, some renamed and there are a few new ones. This means I will need to create stats for all the created teams again which I have already started doing.

First the bad news, it is not possible to use face scans in PES 2014 and because of the new engine a lot of players who previously had preset faces no longer do. On the plus side though Konami have announced they will be adding more presets through DLC throughout the year, they are even taking suggestions here . Also the face build option has had a revamp and it is no possible to get even better results, so face scans might not be so much of a loss after all.

Editable Leagues
As I said a few weeks ago there are now three editable 1st divisions (containing 20 teams) and 1 2nd division (18 teams). I was right and each of the 1st divisions is locked to a region, so one for Europe, one for South America and one for Asia. Each of these three leagues can be adjusted to contain 14, 16, 18 or 20 teams. If you reduce a league to 18 teams I don't know what happens to the other 2 teams as yet, but I would guess they become other teams for that region (lets see if I'm right this time).

Team Emblems (Edit)
Can't believe I posted without including this, one of the best bits of news is that there will be no limit on the number of team emblems. This means no more Championship logo for all the Championship teams, every team will have their correct emblem.

That's about it for the moment, let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Tomorrow I will post a basic plan for my 2014 OF containing a schedule and what I plan to include.

Thanks for reading, Paul

Monday, 9 September 2013

Final Update (v2.8) Out Now

Hi guys, links for the final version of my PES 2013 OF are on the downloads page, it contains...

  • More transfers
  • More new players
  • A few more new kits
  • A few player appearance updates
Just a few notes, some transfers haven't been done as either the squads are full or I ran out of players to create new ones. I will try to update the transfers page in the next day or two to highlight the ones that aren't done so you can replace youth players with the new signings yourselves if you wish.

Also before anyone asks, if you want to use the extra teams you will need to add them yourself just like with the last update. Instructions are on the Replacing Teams page. My reason for this is I primarily make this OF for myself and I have a ongoing BAL that I don't want to ruin.

Just as a note to BLUS users, there are a couple of NT kits that are missing, I will add a extra download link as soon as the files are ready.

I would like to say a huge thanks to 7oy for converting the file to BLUS & Xbox for me as well as a lot of other help he has provided. Also thanks to Pablinho & Marc who between them at different time have made the alternated editdata file with Championship emblems.

Finally I would just like to say thank you to you all for using my OF, I hope you have enjoyed using it as much as I have enjoyed making it. I have already started work on the preparation for my 2014 OF, I will post a few details regarding timescales and what I can confirm will be included in the next few days. I will also tidy up some of the pages in preparation.

Enjoy, Paul

Friday, 6 September 2013

Final Subscriber Update

Hi guys, I have just sent out the final subscriber update for PES 2013, it contains more transfers and created players. Some transfers are still not done as the squads are full, there are also some that haven't been done because I ran out of players to create new ones. Hopefully for PES 2014 we will be able to have bigger squads and create a unlimited number of players.

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me by subscribing and I hope you all have enjoyed the weekly updates. The final regular version (v2.8) will be out at some point on Monday.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Transfer Window Closed

Hi guys, as most of you will know the transfer window closed a few hours ago and as always the a lot of transfers happened on the final day. I have updated the spreadsheet with all the transfers I am aware of, take a look at it and if you think I have missed something then let me know in the comments. As always I have ignored loans where a player has gone to a team not in my OF or if it is only a one month loan.

I will respond to all your comments, unless it is regarding a transfer that is already in my spreadsheet. Also please remember to add official links confirming the transfer (club website, BBC/Sky (or equivalent).

Cheers, Paul

Monday, 2 September 2013

Transfer Deadline Day

Hi guys, as you will all know today is the transfer deadline, I have updated the transfers page with all the deals I am aware of up to yesterday. I will be following all the deals today, so rather than post transfers as they happen wait & I will update the transfers page tomorrow, then you can all let me know if I have missed any.

This will make it easier for me so I don't have to read through lots of posts telling me that Bale has signed for Real or Kaka for Milan. Also when you do start posting transfers don't forget a official link (club website).

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 30 August 2013

Penultimate Subscriber Update

Hi guys I have just sent out the penultimate subscriber update. It mainly contains more transfers and new players. There is also the new Angolan away kit & the Yeovil Town kits (I had to make up the away as I still haven't seen a picture) as well as a couple of appearance updates.

Only one more update to go which is both sad and exciting at the same time. The final update will mainly be transfers and any new players that need to be created because of them. Prep work for PES 2014 has already started.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Missing BLUS Kits

Hi guys, I have added a download link on the downloads page for the kits missing from the BLUS v2.7 just download them & copy them to your PS3. This is for BLUS users only as the kits are already in the BLES & Xbox versions.

Cheers, Paul

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Page Dedicated To Replacing Teams

As there have been so many comments regarding replacing teams with the extra ones I have created a page dedicated to how it is done. There is the previous PS3 info plus info on how to do it on Xbox as promised. I thought maybe my video wasn't clear, but I have watched through it again & I don't think I could make a better one.

Many of the issues you may run into aren't related to the tools or my OF, but to individual PC settings. You can post comments on that page if you are having issues, but it is better to email me a screenshot so I can see exactly what the problem is.

In other news the demo for PES 2014 has been announced for 11th September on PS3 & 12th September for Xbox (I think it is the 10th September for America) with the game to be released as expected on 20th September in Europe (meaning most likely the 19th here in Australia).

Thanks for reading, Paul

Monday, 19 August 2013

v2.7 Out Now (All Formats)

Hi guys, I have just added the download links for v2.7 of my OF, it contains....

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More updated player appearances
  • More new players
Subscribers don't need to download as you have everything that is in this update already.

You also now have access to the previously exclusive extra teams, they are in no particular order...

  • AS Monaco
  • Millwall
  • Peterborough Utd
  • FK Partizan
  • Crvena Zvezda
  • Rosenborg
  • HNK Hadjuk Split
  • Neftchi Baku PFC
  • Viktoria Plzen
  • Arema
  • Austria Wein
  • Rangers
  • AIK
  • Huddersfield Town
  • Ipswich Town
  • Bristol City
  • Barnsley
  • Kelantan FA
  • Persib Bandung
  • Persipura Jayapura
  • Hertha BSC
  • Eintracht Braunschweig
  • Doncaster Rovers
  • Bournemouth
  • Sassuolo
  • SC Cambuur
  • Go Ahead Eagles
  • Yeovil Town (No kits yet)
  • Villareal
  • FC Arouca
  • Livorno
  • EA Guingamp
  • Nantes
None of these teams have emblems due to the in game limit, I have added emblems for most of them to emblem pack so you can add them at the expense of another team if you choose to. In order to use these teams you will need to replace a existing team using the w!LD editor. Here are the tools you will need...

w!LD Editor

This video explains how you use them

This is for the PS3 versions, I will try to add the info on how to do it on Xbox tomorrow.

The BLUS and Xbox versions are not ready yet sorry, links for them will be added in the morning. I'm off for a early night after a few late ones so any questions will be answered in the morning.

Enjoy, Paul

Links for BLUS & Xbox versions are now on the downloads page

Friday, 16 August 2013

New Subscriber Update Out Now & Other News

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it includes...

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More new players
No time for any player appearance updates this week sorry. Also included are Go Ahead Eagles, Yeovil Town are also there, but with no kits yet. If anyone has seen a picture of their away kit send me a link as I can't find it anywhere.

I have removed the subscription option from my blog, subscribers will continue to receive their weekly updates up to the 6th September as planned.

I will release v2.7 on Monday as I think I have found the issue that was causing the game to crash for some users when playing as Galatasaray. I will also make the subscriber teams available with that update, then the final update v2.8 will be released as planned on 9th September.

In case some of you haven't seen Konami have announced the Chilean will be licensed for PES 2014 along with the Copa Sudamerica and Recopa which are the South American equivilants of the Europa League and European Super Cup. Hopefully there will be more news on licenses at Gamescom.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Extra Editable Leagues For PES 2014

Hi guys, I have been trying to find time to post about this for the last few days, as some of you may have seen it was announced a couple of days ago that there will be three editable top divisions as well as the editable 18 team 2nd Division. There is no news as yet on how these top divisions will be assigned, it could be that one is for South America and two for Europe, or it could be that you can decide which continent to each league is in.

Now assuming you can choose my preference would be to use the three leagues to make the Bundesliga, Russian Premier League and Scottish Premier League with the SkyBet Championship as the 2nd Division. A lot will depend on what other licenses are announced though, as well as any thoughts on possible leagues from you guys.

I'm only looking for suggestions of European or South American leagues to include at the moment until further details are released. This is just pure speculation from me at this stage so don't get your hopes up, but after the aqusition of the Asian Champions League license I think there is a chance that the J-League may finally come to PES. If this happens it could be possible that each of the three editable leagues will be linked to a continent, so one for Europe, one for South America and one for Asia. If this is the case then obviously I would create a league from each of those continents.

Gamescom starts in a week's time so I'm sure a lot more news will be released there as usually happens each year. In the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts on what leagues you would like to see.

Thanks for reading, Paul

Friday, 9 August 2013

New Subscriber Update (Aug2)

Hi guts, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More new players
  • More appearance updates
I think all Premier League, Bundesliga and Championship kits are now updated (let me know if I'm wrong). That just leaves the remaining Liga Zon Sagres kits. I will update the transfers page in a few minutes.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Remaining PES 2013 Updates & PES 2014 Plans

Hi guys, over the last few weeks I have been thinking about my current OF and plans for next years. Although there is no confirmed release date for PES 2014 yet for the BLES regions it has been confirmed that the BLUS versions will be released on 24th September, which means the BLES versions will most likely be either that same week or the week before. As games are released in Australia on Thursdays that will mean either the 19th or 26th. As I said this isn't confirmed, just my belief based on the confirmed date for the American versions.

With this is mind I will release the final subscriber update on Friday 6th September followed by the final regular (v2.7) on Monday 9th September. This then gives me a couple of weeks to first of all have a tiny break from editing, as well as start getting everything in place for the 2014 OF. When this final update is released I will make the extra subscriber teams available to everyone

Which leads me onto my plans for PES 2014, where I will again be making a OF for the BLES PS3. BLUS and Xbox versions will depend on if the same kinds of tools are availiable for PES 2013 are avaliable for 2014. This may take a while as the new game engine may take a while to crack.

So far there has been very little news on the editing side of the new game as is always the case, the only things confirmed so far are goalkeepers will have their own specific stats and that kits will be added in a different way. No full details on the exact changes to kits have been announced, but the common thoughts are that instead of using a image like this

as we do currently, we fill be able to add detail to the whole kit just like on PC where this is the kind of image used.

Hopefully this is the case as not only will it make the unlicensed teams look as good as the licensed ones, it will also be much quicker for me.

The next few weeks should see more info released about other important things such as new licenses and how many editable leagues/teams there will be so I can start planning properly. Until then I am planning that there will be the PES and WE Leagues as usually so again I will be creating the Bundesliga and Championship.

Just as a final thing on the PES 2014 OF, I have decided not to do subscriber updates. It has been great fun and I would once again like to thank everyone who has supported me by subscribing, but it has been hard work committing to getting enough new content for every week. I will still aim to keep up the high quality and amount of content as previous years, just with updates released when I think one is needed like previous years. I will aim for one update a month, but some months there will be more.

Thanks for reading, Paul

Monday, 5 August 2013

v2.6 Out Now

Hi guys, the links for v2.6 are now on the downloads page for all versions (BLES/BLUS/XBOX), it contains...

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More new players
  • More appearance updates
  • Some new league logos
Plus there are probably other things that I have forgotten I have done. A big thanks to 7oy for converting the file for BLUS & Xbox, if you are going to use either of these then make sure you have added the previous versions first. Any issues with either let me know, but they should both be working 100%.

There are lots of new kits, I can't remember exactly which ones are new so just take a look and you will see which ones have been done. As I said on Friday I only have a few kits slots left & they will be used for the remaining subscriber teams and Dinamo Zagreb, so after that I will only be able to update the kits of unlicensed teams unfortunately.

As I posted here a couple of weeks ago if a transfer is on my list, but isn't done then it is because the team is full or I need to create the player. Hopefully by the next update all transfers will be 100% correct.

Enjoy, Paul

Friday, 2 August 2013

New Subscriber Update (Aug1)

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More transfers
  • More new kits
  • More new players
  • A few appearance updates
Also included are two new subscriber exclusives teams you can add FC Nantes and SC Cambuur. The remaining two teams Yeovil Town and Go Ahead Eagles will hopefully be finished for next week's update.

I only have 8 kit slots left which will be used for the remaining subscriber teams and Dinamo Zagreb's new kits. This means apart from Zagreb I will not be able to update the kits of anymore licensed teams unfortunately.

The Xbox subscriber update should be out tomorrow sometime followed by v2.6 for everyone on Monday. BLES 2.6 will definitley be out Monday and hopefully 7oy will be able to get the Xbox & BLUS versions ready by then as well. v2.6 should fix the issue some of you are having with the BLUS version.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Monday, 29 July 2013

BLUS Option File Out Now

Hi guys, the link for the BLUS version of my OF is now on the downloads page, a massive thank you to 7oy who has converted it from the BLES version.

It has everything that is in the BLES version except for the stadiums, these may be added in future updates, but it is a lot more work for 7oy.

Any issues let me know in the comments or by email.

Enjoy, Paul

Friday, 26 July 2013

New Subscriber Update Out Now (July4)

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More transfers
  • More new kits
  • More new players
  • A few more player appearance updates
Also included are two new subscriber teams that can be added just like the others EA Guingamp and AS Livorno.

New kits include Juventus, Inter, Fenerbache and Birmingham, plus lots more. Xbox subscribers will get their update tomorrow.

I'm off to watch Sharknado now so any questions will be answered in a couple of hours.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Option File Coming To BLUS Users

Hi guys, I'm happy to announce that in the next few days my OF will be compatible with BLUS versions of PES 2013 thanks to 7oy. It should be available sometime on Saturday hopefully, but there will be a post on here as soon as the links are up.

Unfortunately I won't be offering subscriptions for BLUS users but you will get the all the regular updates.

Cheers, Paul

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Bit of Info

Hi guys, I thought I would write this post as after every update I am getting the same questions again and again.

New Kits
I'm doing my best to update the kits as quickly as possible, when it comes to licensed teams unless I have seen the home, away and gk kits they will not be done. As soon as I have and have a suitable PNG they will get done. I can't promise every licensed team will get updated as pretty soon I will run out of space for kits just like I did a few months ago with face scans.

New Licensed Kits in Champions League
Where I have updated a licensed teams kit it will not show when you play CL (and possibly EL) as the kits are hard coded for this mode.

Before asking why a certain player hasn't been moved to a certain team check the transfers page, it has a link to a spreadsheet detailing every transfer I am aware of. I update it a few times a week, if you can't see the transfer on there then leave a comment with a official link (club website) and I will add it.

If the transfer is there and it isn't done it will be for one of three reasons

  1. The squad of the buying team is full
  2. The squad of the selling club doesn't have enough players
  3. I need to create the player
If one of these applies then they will be done as soon as possible.

Subscriber Teams
The latest subscriber teams that have been created are all teams promoted to leagues in my OF, but I don't want to ruin my ongoing BAL so you will need to continue to add them to the game by following the video. If you are having trouble then email me and I will do my best to help you, but I don't have the time to add the teams for every individual subscriber.

Following on from that I'm currently working on the remaining teams, there are 7 of them which are Cambuur, Go Ahead Eagles, Yeovil Town, Livorino, Arouca, Guingamp and Nantes. That leaves 4 teams Hellas Verona, Almeria, Elche and Belenenses, that won't be done as there is no free space for them and I don't want to remove any already created teams. Hopefully some of the 7 I am working on will be complete for the next subscriber update.

Cheers, Paul

Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Subscriber Update (July3)

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More transfers
  • More new kits
  • More players
  • More appearance updates
I have sent it today as tomorrow afternoon I will be travelling to Sydney for the Man Utd game, hopefully I will be able to send out the Xbox version before I leave.

Enjoy, Paul

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Subscription Files For Xbox

Hi guys, thanks to the amazing 7oy I can now provide the weekly subscription updates for Xbox users. Due to time differences they will be released a day after the PS3 version as 7oy won't get the file until I release it for PS3 as it is worked on right up until I release.

If you have already subscribed and want the Xbox version sent to you instead of the PS3 version then email me a let me know. Also any new subscribers let me know when you subscribe if you would like the PS3 or Xbox version so I can send you the right one.

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 12 July 2013

New Subscriber Update (July2)

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More transfers
  • More new kits
  • Lots more new players
  • More appearance updates
Also included are Villareal as the latest subscriber exclusive team, I'm still working on Cambuur, Go Ahead Eagles and Yeovil Town.

New kits include Ajax, Twente, Spurs, Palmeiras and Dortmund among others, any suggestions for a better formula for Ajax home would be appreciated, as like Porto away it is pretty much impossible to make.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Monday, 8 July 2013

Retired Players

Hi guys, as I am starting to run really low on players I can use to create new signings I am going to start replacing the players who have retired this summer. As always it will be a shame to see some great players disappear from the game, but it is more important to have the current players.

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 5 July 2013

New Subscriber Update (July1)

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains.....

  • More transfers
  • More new players
  • More updated player appearances
  • More new kits
Just a quick note, I called it Jun5 when it should have been July1.

New kits include Ireland, Porto, Swansea, Sunderland, Southampton ,Blackburn, Eintracht Braunschweig & Rangers. With some of the new kits it is impossible to make them perfect with the designs available, so I have done the best I can.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Monday, 1 July 2013

v2.5 Out Now

Hi guys, links are now on the downloads page for v2.5 of my OF for both PS3 & Xbox. It contains.....

  • Lots of new kits
  • Lots of transfers
  • More player appearance updates
  • More players created
  • Vietnam NT
Kits and transfers are a work in progress and there will be lots more done of the coming weeks.

Enjoy, Paul

Friday, 28 June 2013

New Subscriber Update (Jun4)

Hi guys, I have just sent the latest subscriber update out, it contains.....

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More player appearances
  • More new players

Also included is a new subscriber team US Sassuolo which can be added in the same way as the other extra teams. Another bonus for fans of Indonesia & Malaysia is that 7oy has updated the apperances of all the players in those teams which I'm sure you will all like.

Before I get asked again the regular update will be out on Monday evening for both PS3 and Xbox.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Some more new kits...

Monday, 24 June 2013

Remaining Subscriber Teams

Hi guys, I have been busy today and have created US Sassuolo and done most of SC Cambuur & Go Ahead Eagles. After I have finished them off I'm going to do Yeovil Town which will leave me with 5 blank teams and there are 9 other teams have been promoted to the European leagues in my OF. What I would like to know is out of the following teams which would you most like....

  • Nantes
  • EA Guingamp
  • Hellas Verona
  • Livorino
  • Almeria
  • Elche
  • Villareal
  • Belenenses
  • Arouca
Let me know in the comments.

Thanks, Paul

Friday, 21 June 2013

New Subscriber Update

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More new kits
  • More transfers
  • More player appearances
  • More new players

Also included is a new subscriber team which is Bournemouth that can be imported the same as the other exclusive teams. Also I haven't posted any pictures for a while so here are some of the new kits added in the last few updates.

Have a great weekend, Paul