Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Relay For Life 2015

Hi guys, just a short post to remind you all this weekend I am taking part again in Relay For Life, a 24 hour walk to raise money for cancer research. This is a very important charity to me as both my dad & my father-in-law died from cancer. I wish I could repay you all with a OF for your donations, but all I can do being on PS4 is offer the tips I have been posting.

I'm just over half way to the fundraising total I set, but would love to go way past it. If you can spare any money your donations are very much appreciated here & if you would like a alternative link then let me know & I will see what I can do.

Like last year I will try to post some pictures or video during the event.

5 hours in, I've walked 10km so far, it's not too late to donate if you can.

Finished & home, managed 40km over the 24 hours in the end. Thanks to everyone who donated, it's much appreciated. A few more donations & I will reach my target.

Thanks, Paul