Monday, 26 November 2012

Master League

Hi guys, even though I haven't played ML since PES 2011 (& not more than 1 or 2 seasons since 2008) I thought I would post this to find out a bit about how you all play & give you all a chance to discuss ML.

First up what teams do you all play as & do you start with the original lineups or the ML defaults? I have always played as Manchester Utd & as I have got older & started editing more I have always started with the original lineups. I think this is what has killed ML a bit for me as since it was introduced in PES 4 my interest has in the mode has wained & the introduction of BAL in PES 2009 finally finished it off.

Back when you were forced to start with the defaults I would play for season after season trying to replace the defaults with the actual Utd team plus & few favourites.

Anyway over to you guys, let me know your thoughts & if you have any videos send me them or the links & I will post them up on the blog.

Cheers, Paul


  1. Master League is pretty much all I play these days, now that we don't have a league mode in PES. It really does need a revamp for 2014, typical PES development "If it ain't broke, break it!"

    Some of my keys frustrations;

    1. Magic boots - Seriously.....
    2. Transfers - Almost impossible to sign anyone regardless of how well your doing or how much money you have in the bank
    3. Youth Players - If you have a licensed team, why not have the real youth players coming through? As Man Utd, I want to see young Larnell Cole develop into a first team star like he will in real life
    4. CPU transfers - Messi to Arsenal, Ronaldo to AC Milan, Lampard to Man City, Rooney to Barca. Wish they could program some loyalty into the player attributes
    5. Club Control - It would be great to have more control over the day to day running of the club - friendlies, off season tours, youth development, contract negotiations (goal bonuses, appearance bonuses etc) stadium expansions, board request etc

    So basically, I would like PES to sit down with Sports Interactive and get their act together for PES 14. I love this years title but it is beginning to irritate me. Without your updates Paul, it would have been in the bin a long time ago, so thank you and rant over! ; )

    1. Some good points there Ryan, luckily your number 1 (& 6) frustration will be fixed with this weeks Konami patch.

      I like the idea of the youth team with real players it would add alot more players to the game.

      Transfers are a pain, in my BAL Messi went to Man Utd in the 1st transfer window & Ronaldo to Barcelona, 1 season later & Messi was off to Spurs for 6 months before resigning for Barcelona to replace Ronaldo who had gone back Madrid. So after 3 seasons they were back at their original clubs, but in the January window Messi has gone to Chelsea.