Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tips For Importing Option Files

Hi guys,

The new data pack is out next Thursday so I thought now might be a good time to offer a few tips on importing OF's. This will mainly relate to the PES Universe OF but a lot of it will be the same with any OF you choose to use on PS4.

Bulk Imports
It is now possible since the last patch to import all teams at once which is great, however.....

Import NT First
It is best to import all the NT's first as sometimes player nationalities change, as an example Valon Berisha is in the Norway NT but now plays for Kosovo. This will be reflected in V3 of the OF. It also means that if we run out of players to create teams in the future then you won't have any issues.

Choosing Which Team To Overwrite (The 1st Tick Box)
In theory you can import any team over any other team which appeals to people who want to mix & match OF's. This doesn't work well though as you can't choose which players to overwrite. As an example this is why you can't use both the Bundesliga & SPL together by importing one over the PES League & the other over the PLA or PAS League as myself & CelticFCMaster used the same players.

Update Squad Data (The 2nd Tick Box)
This doesn't need to be used for every team, only those where changes have been made to players. This means any team where faces have been updated, teams we have created or NT who have fake players by default (I will post a list below). These teams also need to be re-imported every time you do the Konami Live Update (which could be every Thursday).

Teams To Re-import After Live Update

  • All National Teams
  • All Bundesliga Teams (except Leverkusen, Dortmund & Schalke)
  • All Liga MX Teams
  • All J-League Teams
  • All Other European teams
  • All Other American Teams
  • All other Asian Teams
V3 should be out sometime around the next data pack, content will be previewed on Twitter by @PESUniverse as well as members of the team such as myself.

Cheers, Paul