Saturday, 20 December 2014

New Update Out Now (DP2.00 Compatible)

Hi guys, it longer than I had hoped, but the new update is out now for BLES/BLUS/BLAS. It is fully compatible with Data Pack 2.00 (if you haven't already download the data pack before adding this), contains every file again (so you will need to say yes when asked to overwrite) and contains...

Serie B
All kits, managers, rival clubs and stadiums have now been added. A big thanks to Zsolt for letting me use his team imports to add the kits quickly.

All teams have correct kits, managers, emblems, rival clubs and stadiums. Almost all players have been added (10 or so reserve players are missing) with correct stats, nationalities and positions. There are currently only a few appearances done.

Other European Teams
Celtic and Brondby have been added, no kits for Brondby yet, but the players are all correct for both teams as are the emblems.

Campeonato Brasileiro
Thanks to Julio Tonello all players now have the correct name. This is only for the original teams and not Copa Libertadores/Copa Sudamericana duplicate teams. I'm still hopeful that they will all be fixed in a future Konami data pack.

National Teams
Kits have been added for Austria, Belgium and Chile.

Classic Teams
As I warned earlier I have started to use some of the classic players to create current players. The rest will be replaced in future updates, the same goes for duplicate NT players.

There are probably a few other things as well that I have forgotten. In the next update I will start fixing any issues with existing kits and add appearances for the Bundesliga players. I will also add Malmo along with two other teams to the Other European Teams, I don't want suggestions, I will decide on them myself in the next few days.

Enjoy, Paul

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

New Data Pack & My Next Update

Hi guys, as you have probably seen the new Konami data pack has been confirmed to be released today for everyone, if you haven't read about it then you can do so here . Now the only damage it will do to what you all currently have is it will move all the duplicate (fake named) NT players back into the NT's instead of the real players. If this is something you can put up with for a couple of days then you can download it as soon as it is out, if it is a issue then don't download it until I release my next update.

The new update has taken a little longer than I expected, currently all the Serie B kits are done, a couple of NT kits have been done and I just have to fix up the stats for 6 Bundesliga teams to have it complete enough to release. Tonight after I get the data pack I will need to fix the damage caused (more for me than for you) and then I can finish off those last 6 teams.

All being well the update will be out in time for the weekend, so a couple of days later than I initially expected.

Cheers, Paul

Just seen thice so it will give me a bit more work to fix...

Thursday, 11 December 2014

New Update News

Hi guys, thought it was about time I posted as I have had a few questions about when the new update will be released. To be honest it will be released when it is ready, I have the Bundesliga about 70% complete now plus I wan't to add a few more NT kits. If all goes well then it should be out early next week, however there is one thing that could change that.

Konami are due to release a new data pack this month and there should be news about it in the next day or two, I expect it to be released on the 18th December (although it could be the 24th). If it is confirmed to be the 18th before I release the update, then I will wait and release my next update on the 19th as it isn't worth releasing a update just to release another fixing the data pack damage a couple of days later.

Cheers, Paul

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Classic Players (A Reminder/Warning)

Hi guys, hope you are all enjoying last weeks update. Just a little update to let you all know that as from the next update the classic players will be replaced by current players, anyone who has used my OF's in previous years will know I always do this as I don't like retired players in my game.

Since the last update I have done all the Serie B kits and thanks to Julio Tonello all Brazilian League player names have been fixed. I'm just finishing off the four teams people donated to receive and then I will start on the Bundesliga. If all goes well then the next update could be out in just over a week, but I'm not making any promises, it just depends how much time I have between now and then.

Cheers, Paul

Friday, 28 November 2014

New Update Out Now

Hi guys, the new update is out now for BLES/BLUS/BLAS links are on the downloads page. The update contains all the new files as well as everything from the original file, if you already have the original I still suggest overwriting everything as a few files have changed. Sorry but there are no Serie B kits as I had planned, but here is what is in...

SkyBET Championship
All teams now have the correct kits, rivals, stadium & manager, The managers are those that are in the game, so for example Fulham's manager is Felix Magath. I will wait to see if managers are updated in the next data pack, if they are then the new manager will have their name corrected & if not I will change the existing manger to the current one. There are no images for the managers who have been sacked or resigned.

Primeira Liga
All teams now have the correct kit, rivals, stadium & manager. I'm no expert on the the league so if you think I have missed a rival let me know.

National Teams
All player names have been fixed, Argentina, England & Japan have the correct kits, manager & stadium.

Other than that I have improved a few PL kits and cup emblems. I have also recovered a few more preset faces such as Shinji Kagawa.

The next update will be hopefully be out in a couple of weeks, it will have the Serie B kits, more NT kits & the Bundesliga. I will be away from tomorrow until Sunday afternoon, so sorry if replies are slow.

Have a great weekend, Paul

Thursday, 20 November 2014

New Update News & Some Input Wanted

Hi guys, thought it was time I should update you all on what to expect in the next update. I don't want to set a date for it's release, but hopefully it will be at some point next week. I'm currently just over half way through fixing the kits, managers, etc for the Championship teams, I will then do the same for the Primeira Liga and Serie B. I have also started fixing the NT player names and will have them all done for the next update, dannythebest spent a few hours fixing them all for me, but there is a bug in team imports so all his work was sadly wasted. Once all that is done I will release the update.

After that I will start creating the teams a few people donated for as well as the Bundesliga teams and fixing the NT kits. In between that to give me a break from doing the same things over and over I will start fixing up the licensed teams managers, stadiums and rivals where needed.

Now for some input from you guys, it is possible to add text to the banners in the crowd for each team. There is space for 4 different ones for each team so I thought rather than me search pictures I would ask you guys what you think should be on them for the teams you support. Let me know in the comments.

The other thing I wanted to ask (unrelated to the OF) was about music for the game, PES 2010 had for me the best soundtrack of any PES. There were plenty of songs and they mostly suited my musical tastes, so ever since then I have had most of those songs on PS3 along with a few others and imported them into each game. I've made the odd change but basically I've had the same songs on PES for 5 years now barring the odd change so I'm looking for any suggestions I should have on PES from you all? That's about all I have to say for now.

Cheers, Paul

Monday, 17 November 2014

PES 2015 Version 1 Out Now (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

Hi guys, it took a little longer than I expected, but the first version of my OF for PES 2015 is out now for BLES/BLUS/BLAS. Links are on the downloads page, it contains....

All leagues and cups have been renamed and most have the correct emblem. Fake leagues haven't been changed yet, they will be done once I start creating the teams for them. Some emblems aren't perfect yet and will be updated.

Premier League
All teams have been renamed and have the correct emblem. Teams have the correct commentary names where possible. All teams have home, away and gk kits, these are a work in progress, some look better than others. They will be updated so they are perfect in future updates. All teams have the correct manager names with images.

SkyBET Championship
All teams have been renamed and have the correct emblem. Teams have the correct commentary names where possible. Other details will be updated in the next update.

Serie B
All teams have been renamed and have the correct emblem. Kits & other details will be updated in the next update.

Primeira Liga
All teams have been renamed and have the correct emblem. Kits & other details will be updated in the next update.

National Teams
All duplicate players have been renamed, remaining players will be renamed in the next update. Kits & other details will be fixed in future updates.

That's about it for now, remember this is still a work in progress. A quick note on kits and emblems, just like last year there is a delay while they load, although it isn't as long as PES 2014.

Enjoy, Paul

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Initial OF

Hi guys, I was going to wait until I had my PS3 copy before posting this, but due to the questions being asked I thought I would post it now, so once I have the game I can crack on with getting things done. The game is released here tomorrow so I will start work and hopefully have something for you all before the end of the weekend, this is what I hope to have done by then....

  • All Leagues/Cups renamed with the correct emblems
  • All teams renamed with the correct emblems
  • All fake NT players renamed & duplicates removed
  • Home, Away & GK kits for all Premier League teams
If I have time I will do my best to fix as many manager names as possible as well. After that I will continue fixing all the other kits, stadiums, etc before starting on replacing the fake teams. Earlier today I did get my PC copy of the game, so I have been able to have a look around the edit mode to work out what is/isn't possible, so here is a little bit of info.

Team Emblems
Thankfully this year the limit is 300 which is more than enough to make sure that every team has the correct emblem, so no more Championship teams with the league emblem.

League/Cup Emblems
The limit is 50 which again is more than enough to make sure every league/cup has the correct emblem.

Just like last year the limit is 600 which may be a problem, I have totalled up all the unlicensed/fake club teams & it comes to 141, so to make the home, away and GK kits for each of those teams it will require 423 of them, plus then there are the unlicensed NT's so there may not be much room for 3rd/4th/CL kits. I will investigate this further once I have started editing.

It is possible to add images of managers, the limit is 300 which won't be enough to do every one, but I will do as many as possible.

Something I will need from anyone who has the BLUS and BLAS versions of the game is the code that I need to convert to. Anyone who has these copies of the game if you could copy any PES 2015 save file from your PS3 to a USB drive then look at it on a PC to see what the code is it would be greatly appreciated.

That's about it for now, please be patient from tomorrow as the more questions I have to answer the slower I will be at editing.

Cheers, Paul

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

PES 2015 PS3 Option File - Final Plans

Hi guys, as you are all probably aware last week saw the end of the embargo for PES 2015's preview code, if you missed all the news then I suggest checking out and as they have lots. Glen The Magpie and DJ Daymos have had a chance to test a few things out in edit mode you can read about what they found out here Here is what I plan to do for my OF and how it will work, a lot of this I posted in previous posts, but I thought I would confirm it all in one place.

The first thing I will do is create a base option file that will include the following...

  • All unlicensed team names corrected (& commentary names added where possible)
  • All unlicensed team kits/emblems fixed
  • All unlicensed league/cup names corrected
  • All unlicensed league/cup emblems fixed
  • All fake NT player names corrected
  • All unlicensed manager names fixed
  • Corrected stadiums for every team

The main reason for this is it is still not clear how the the weekly Konami update will impact OF's, the only thing there that could possibly be messed up is the fake NT players when/if NT's are updated, but this won't be every week so it shouldn't be a problem. I can't guarantee that everything will be done straight away, but it will all get done, a lot depends on how early I get a copy of the game.

After that I will turn my attention to the three fake leagues (there is no fake Division 2 this year). For my own personal use I wan't the Bundeliga for Europe, Liga MX for America and A-League or J-League for Asia. If the league can be reduced to 10 teams (which I doubt will be possible) it will be the A-League, if not it will be the J-League. These leagues are the main issue when data packs are released so each set of teams will be released as imports that you can import back into your game any time they get messed up.

Doing it this way means that if you don't want a particular league you can choose not to import it and create a different one yourself, I may also make other leagues depending on how much time I have. I'm also open to suggestions for any other teams you would like to see?

If you want to guarantee that I make a team then make a AU$10 donation here then send me a email with the team name and I will guarantee to make them. That's about it for now, I will post more as I get more info.

Cheers, Paul

Monday, 13 October 2014

Indonesian Super League & Brighton

Hi guys, just thought I would let you all know there are a couple of new things to download, they are....

I have finally uploaded the files for the ISL version of v3.2, if you prefer the ISL to the J-League then add the regular v3.2 followed by the ISL files. Thanks for your patience with this one.

I have also added links to download a Brighton team import thanks to SwallowTattoo's donation. It includes the 2014/15 squad plus the 2014/15 home, away, 3rd & gk kits.

Thanks for the donations over the last 24 hours or so, as a team we have nearly reached our $3,000 target!! It's not to late to donate here

Cheers, Paul