Friday, 2 November 2012

1st Novemeber Subscriber Update

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update so check your inboxes.

This weeks update contains, the remaining fake NT player names have been fixed, so they are all done now. Also the remaining unlicensed NT kits have been done with the exception of Lebanon as I don't have any PNG's yet but hopefully will for next week. As always there are lots more player apperance fixes both scans & builds.

I have also done a few transfers such as McFadden to Sunderland & some of the long term loans to Championship sides.

I'm away again this weekend, but will have internet access so will keep checking in to answer any questions.

Have a great weekend, Paul


  1. Just letting you all know I'm leaving soon & by the the tim I pick up the in laws & drive to Sydney it will be nearly 12 so I probably wont get back to anyone for the next 7 or 8 hours ;)

  2. Thanks Paul, and have a great weekend!!!