Wednesday, 5 September 2012

v3.1 Avaliable

The latest & final update to my PES 2012 option file is now ready to download.

It only has a few files as it just updates the latest transfers as well as a couple of kits.  The transfers are as accurate as I could get as some squads are to full or empty & there were more than 600 players that I still needed to create.

Even without those players it should still keep everyone going until PES 2013 is released & I will begin getting everything ready for that now so my 2013 file is out as quickly as posible & better than ever.



  1. Thx for d update brother....

  2. Hi PAUL !
    I'm using Bles010407, that upated data pack 4.00. I already dowload your option file v3.1. But when I apply on PS3, it report "there is no data" . Could U help me update the newest data of this option file. My PS3 has update to fimware 4.21. Thanks you very much to Paul

    1. When you go to your USB drive on your PS3 dont press X, press triangle and select display all

  3. Replies
    1. On the PES 2012 Download Links page

  4. I forgot what version of your option file I currently have installed, how can I know?

  5. you could look at the date of the last file added to your PS3 or just download the latest full file & copy everything to your PS3 saying yes when prompted to overwrite