Friday, 7 September 2012

PES 2013 Out In 2 Weeks

Ok so the announcement arrived & as expected the release date is the 20th September.  There is also a date of 4th October for Asia but I still believe this is for Winning Eleven & not PES.

I have pre-ordered my copy & my local store normally has it avaliable the day before for pre orders so I should have it on the 19th.  As soon as I have it I will let you all know what the BLES code is.

So less than 2 weeks to go, are you all excited????


  1. is there a difference between pes & WE? will the codes be different?

    1. Hi mate, WE is the Japanese version of the game, it's pretty much the same game. It will have a BLAS code but there is no need to worry as everywhere else in the world will get PES with a BLUS code in North & South America & a BLES code everywhere else.

    2. i see..thx paul. hope we share the same bles code..fingers crossed!

  2. I hope Paul we have the same code as you make great option files :))

    I trust that we have cause your release date is the same as mine so it could be the same code .