Wednesday, 12 September 2012

PES 2013 Option File Comming Next Week

I should have the game next Wednesday evening & as soon as I have it I will post up the BLES code so you all know what to look for when you pick your copies up.

As with the 2012 file there will be a full Bundesliga plus a 18 team Championship.  There are rumours of a possible other fake league & if this is confirmed then I will ask for suggestions of which league to create.

I aim to have the intial file out on Saturday 22nd September that will include as a minimum correct kits for the unlicensed PL & Portuguese teams, corrected team & competition names, team & competition logos & corrected player names for the unlicensed NT's.

If I get all that done quickly enough then there may also be some corrected NT kits, player apperances & stadiums.

The next free update will then follow on Monday 1st October by which time the Bundesliga will be done & hopefully the Championship as well.  The free updates will continue to come on the 1st Monday of each month after that until a final update in September 2013.

For those of you who subscribe to the file you will get weekly updates e-mailed to you every Friday starting from 21st September meaning you get the intial file a day earlier than everyone else as a thank you for subscribing.

To subscribe click on the Buy Now icon at the top right of the screen to pay a one off fee of AU$10 via paypal.

Thanks for reading, Paul


  1. hi Paul
    sounds exciting the option files with championship sides
    I have never done the option file from you before do i need to install win rar etc
    and is it straight forward to do as would like to sign up for pes 2013
    also how does the data pack dlcs from konami effect the option files do you just ignore them or dload as well

    1. Hi Owen
      Yeah you need winrar to extract the files after downloading, I'm going post up some full instructions. I will release a update 1 or 2 days after each data pack to correct anything that gets messed up.

  2. if i subscribe to your email service thats means u send the file rather than downloading i presume do i still need winrar

    1. Yeah I will e-mail you the file & you will still need winrar to extract it.

  3. is this option file compatible for xbox 360 and after extracting file how do you get it onto the hardrive?


  4. Hi Paul. this Option have Vietnam???. fan pes in my country allways desired it. Paul can help us ? Thank Paul.

    1. v2.5 which is out on July 1st will have them in mate