Tuesday, 18 September 2012

PES2013 Info

Ok guys I thought I would share a few things about PES2013, first up this year there is no PES Shop, all classic teams, classic players, stadium parts, etc are unlocked from the start meaning I wont have to play loads of online games in order to quickly unlock everything.

It also appears that again there are only 51 emblem slots, so as with last year the Championship teams will all have the Championship logo.  I have added a link on the PES2013 Downloads page to a new emblem pack that contains logos for all the unlicensed or created teams.  I'm going to try & post up either a video or step by step instructions on how to change them.

Later today I will add a new "How To" page where instructions on how to a install a OF & other FAQ's will be answered.  This should save me having to explain the same things over & over.

I should have the game tomorow afternoon & I will post up the BLES code as soon as possible, my wife is going out tomorow night so I will be able to start editing nice & early.

If anyone has subscribed & not yet recieved their confirmation e-mail the e-mail so I can work out what's happened.  Those of you who are planning on subscribing don't forget to get in quick to make sure you get the intial file sent to you on Friday.

Thanks for reading, Paul


  1. when using your option file Paul has it updated all the transfer moves etc and does this get effects by future DLC s or do you just download them as per normal and datd packs etc
    Thanks Owen

  2. sorry see u answered the dlc question on other comment

  3. How do you access the classic players; need step by step on how to do it please?

    1. Access them how? In editmode? or ML?