Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Subscription Price Reduction

I've been amazed with the response to subscriptions, but after thinking about it I have decided $10 is probably a little too much for some people, so I have decided to reduce the cost to AU$5.  That equates to about 3.25 UK or 4 Euros.

Everyone who has already subscribed has been issued a $5 refund so they don't end up paying more than anyone else.

Hopefully this reduction means more of you are able to subscribe & take advantage of the weekly updates.

Thanks everyone for choosing my OF



  1. yo paul,
    i want to subscribe your OF
    how to register?

    1. Hi Frida, just click on the 'Buy Now' button at the top of the page

  2. Ok everyone it's that time of day again where I need some sleep. I have sent out the update to all the most recent subscribers, anyone who subscribes from now will get their update sent in the morning. Cheers, Paul

    1. Yo Paul,

      I have just subscribed with a cred card payment so can you send me your latest update asap please?

      I have already updated with 1.0 and 1.1 so just need you latest subscriber update please mate.

      Also do you know if your updates (obviously not transfer changes) will update the master league AFTER a season has been started???

      Many Thanks Paul


  3. bro, is it AUS$5 only for PES 2013 or until PES 2014,2015,etc?? hahaha..

    1. haha, just for PES2013, right through until the release of PES2014