Thursday, 6 September 2012

PES 2013 Release Date Annoucement Today

Jon Murphy has posted on Twitter that the release date of PES 2013 will be announced today, as alot of you like me are in the southern hemisphere it will probably happen while we are asleep.

Hoping that it's the 20th/21 September, but at worst it will be the 4th/5th October.  Either way in at most 4 weeks we should all have the new game :)


  1. I read reports that US release date is 4 oct, while asia is on 10 oct.

  2. Yeah I've seen as late as November but I really think it will be either the 20th/27th September or 4th October. When asian dates are anounced that is usually for Winning Eleven which I think is only released in Japan (& maybe Korea)