Friday, 31 August 2012

Final Update Coming on Wednesday

No update today sorry, but the final update for my 2012 file will be out on Wednesday so I can include all the transfers before the window closes.

I will be away over the weekend so might be slow in responding to any comments.

Hope you all have a good weekend, Paul


  1. for olimpiakos Greece Kostas mitroglou senter four and there is more players I forgot the names please search

  2. hi paul how can i use your of. i've already downlod..


    1. hi bro, can i know if you downloaded the full file or the latest file?

    2. 1. unzip the file.
      2. get a thumbdrive.
      3. open the thumbdrive on your pc.
      4. create a folder called 'PS3'.
      5. click on the created 'PS3' folder, create another folder called 'SAVEDATA'.
      6. copy all the folders from the file you downloaded into the 'SAVEDATA' folder.
      7. remove your thumbdrive, plug it into your ps3.
      8. on your ps3, go to GAME, SAVEDATA UTILITY PS3, your thumbdrive.
      9. once done, wait about a minute & you should see the various files. press triangle and copy all the files.
      10. once copy is done, load your game and enjoy the edits!

    3. thx bro
      by the way
      if i have data pack 4.. which one i use first the data pack or OF paul

    4. Nice one Hidayat, I was a bit slow answering this.

      @Yuslie if you have data pack 4 then downloand the latest full file & follow Hidayays instructions.

  3. no worries mate! cant wait for the final option