Sunday, 21 April 2013

Updating NT Squads

Hi guys, a lot of you have asked about updating the NT squads, it is not normally something I worry about as the only time it makes a difference is if you play a offline friendly or cup. However as so many of you have asked about it I think it is worthwhile, what I want to know is how you would like them updated?

Please take into consideration that I won't be updating them after each international match, so if you would like a NT squad updated please post the 23 man squad in the comments. It would also be good if you could say which players aren't in my OF (if any) as it will save me some time.

This only applies to the NT's that are in the game, as I have said before I won't be adding any extra NT's for this years OF due to the problems it causes.

Cheers, Paul


  1. Hi Paul ,Can you put Stephan El Shaarawy to Italy squad.César Azpilicueta & Isco to Spain squad.Hugo Armando Campagnaro to Argentina.Luis Gustavo Dias to Brazil.Thank you

    1. Sure thing mate, in place of which players?