Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Subscriber Team Imports Update

Hi guys, just to let you all know I have now added the original 6 team imports in the same way as the newer team imports so subscribers can use them to replace any team you like and not just unlicensed ones. You will be able to access them from Fridays update along with some of the other requests, the updated list is....

  • Barnsley (Done)
  • Bristol City (Done)
  • Huddersfield Town (Done
  • Ipswich Town (Done
  • Millwall (Done)
  • Peterborough Utd (Done
  • Rangers (Done)
  • AIK (Done)
  • Rubin Kazan (Done)
  • Partizan Belgrade (Done)
  • Crvena Zvezda (Done)
  • Rosenborg (Done)
  • Hajduk Split (Done)
  • Neftchi Baku (Done)
  • Viktoria Plzen (Done)
  • Arema Indonesia (Done)
  • Austria Wein (Done)
  • Kelantan FA (Done)
  • Persib Bandung (Done)
  • Persipura Jayapura (Done)
  • Terengganu FA

  • Currently I have just given each team the NT flag of the country the team is from, but I will release a emblem pack each Friday along with the subscriber update containing the correct emblems that you can add if you like.

    You can still request more club teams, one team per person and you must post with a name (no posting as Anonymous). I was thinking that I will also create the teams that get promoted to the various leagues in this way too.

    Cheers, Paul


    1. Replies
      1. Hoping by the end of next week the remaining requests will be done :)

      2. where i can download this file??

      3. If you are a subscriber you will receive it by email mate

    2. waiting for national team indonesia please ....

    3. paul pls pls pls can you make avaiable hnk hajduk split for everyone pls i would like to subscribe you but i dont have credit I'll be grateful to you..just hajduk split

      1. You don't need a credit card, just a Paypal account mate. I'm sorry but these will only be for subscribers as if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be making these extra teams.

      2. hi mate, what's ur email add?

      3. @Anonymous
        What is your email add? Maybe i can send hadjuk split to you.

      4. If it is from my OF then please don't do that mate as it isn't fair to the other subscribers

      5. i dont want to be rude or something if paul does not allow i will not post my email..sorry paul..i realy would like to subscribe you but i dont have paypaul acc and dont know anything about that other words im noob in all of this..just want to have hajduk split in my game nothing else, cause they are my favorite are only OF maker who made more sorry for everything..Greetings from Split(Croatia)

      6. I understand mate, but like I said if it wasn't for the subscribers I wouldn't have made them.

    4. Thank You mate. Allways perfect Paul

    5. ah man. i'm not a subcriber but i want the Kelantan FA team as it was my national club team. :(

    6. hi paul...
      my email
      thank you

      1. Ok mate, but you need to subscribe not just give me your email address ;)