Saturday, 27 April 2013

More Delays Sorry

Hi guys, I have spent 8 hours today fixing the damage caused by the latest data pack and I'm still not finished.

This data pack has caused a lot more damage than I first thought, to let you know what it does see below..

  • All the fake players that I edited had there nationality reset
  • Most the re linked presets were reset
  • All teams were defaulted to Konami defaults.

I have fixed the first two issues, and I have corrected all the squads for just over half the teams, I still need to do the Bundesliga, Championship, Brazilian and Other European teams plus the extra subscriber teams & NT's

My brain can't take anymore today, so I will finish them off tomorrow & put out the subscriber update in the afternoon with the regular update on Monday as planned.

Sorry for the delay, Paul


  1. you're the best Paul

  2. Ah, take your time and rest, Paul. We all can wait longer :)

  3. sweet redemption, I am prepared to wait for.

  4. I'm not sure if I'm your subscriber... But I like to receive your new patch, cheers Paul you are the best

    1. If you are you will receive a email once I'm finished, if not you will be able to download it tomorrow.