Friday, 19 April 2013

A Little News

Hi guys, to some this will be new news to others old.

First up next Thursday (25th) will see the release of a new Konami patch which fixes a issue with MLO, it hasn't been confirmed but I am guessing that a new Data Pack will also come out at the same time to update the Brazilian teams as it has been said that this is on the way.

If the Data Pack is released it may also contain other things as well, this is just me guessing, but this could include Copa Libertadores mode for 2013 (as they did last year), new boots and maybe some updated NT kits.

The other bit of news (as yet not fully confirmed) is that it looks like Konami have acquired the license for the Asian Champions League. This could possibly be just a stand alone mode as the Copa Libertadores was when it was introduced, but it could also mean that if they incorporate their J-League license into PES (which they already have for Winning Eleven) then it may be possible that we will be able to play a Asian ML.

Confirmation of this should be coming next week, so I will update you all as I know more.

Thanks for reading, Paul