Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Who Want's To Be In The Game

As some of you may be aware this year there are 32 players in the game under the sections ML NewFace Europe & another 32 in ML NewFace Latin America.  These players appear as youth players in ML (& I guess BAL aswell).

The only things that can be edited are the players name, face, hair, physique, accessories & motion. The European section contains one player from each European country that has a NT in the game & the Latin American section contains 2 or 3 players from each South American country that has a NT in the game.

I was going to use these players to make young talents, but as the editing is limited I thought I would open it up to you guys. This is only open to subscribers at the moment but I may open it up to everyone if I still have spare players. Obviously there is only one English player, one Dutch player, etc so it will be the 1st person who responds who gets that player.

What I need is surname, nationality, skin color, hairstyle & color, height, weight & what accessories you would like. Send me this info as a e-mail.

Cheers, Paul


  1. paul will you make the national team ... such as Indonesia, singapore, and malaysia .. I come from Indonesia ... and I really hope it ............................ thanks paul .........

    1. Hi mate I wont be making them sorry as I have no spare team slots. I have never made NT's as the only mode you can use the in is Exhibition mode

    2. or cups paul , you can use them in cup , the NT we have is more then enough

    3. Only in the Konami cup, unless it is a IG NT they cant be used in the WC or the regional championships