Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Stadiums - Final List

Hi guys, these will be the 20 stadiums included in my OF. Thanks for all your suggestions it was hard getting them down to 20. Some stadiums I really wanted to include but just couldn't get them to look right.

In a couple of months I will make some more that can be imported in place of others, but for now these are the ones that will be in:

  • Anfield (Liverpool)
  • Villa Park (Aston Villa)
  • Stamford Bridge (Chelsea)
  • St James Park (Newcastle)
  • Goodison Park (Everton)
  • Ethihad Stadium (Man City)
  • Emirates Stadium (Arsenal)
  • White Hart Lane (Spurs)
  • Upton Park (West Ham)
  • Imtech Arena (Hamburg)
  • Signal Iduna Park (Dortmund)
  • Olympic Stadium (AEK Athens)
  • De Kuip (Feyenoord)
  • Philips Stadion (PSV)
  • De Grolsch Veste (Twente)
  • Estadio AXA (Braga)
  • Sukru-Saracoglu Stadion (Fenerbache)
  • Parc de Prince (PSG)
  • Stadio San Paulo (Napoli)
  • Celtic Park (Celtic)
For the teams that don't have a stadium I will add the stadium name so it shows before the match as I have already done for the Liga Zon Sagres, Bundesliga & Championship teams.

If you let me know which IG stadium (non licensed) is the best match for the teams I will change them.

Cheers, Paul


  1. hi paul can you fix the anfield stadium banner ?

  2. Hi mate, I'm looking for something better, as soon as I find something I will update it mate.

  3. Offtopic-Hi Paul, I've seen the changes that you made on Tobias Sana from Ajax and I just have to say that you did a great job. The hair and the face look good. So a big thumbs up for that. To bad that the Amsterdam ArenA can't be added. Gilli from Rotterdam

  4. Cheers mate glad you like it. Yeah its a shame about the Amsterdam ArenA.

  5. If Ibrox and the Amsterdam Arena could be added at a later date it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Ibrox is a possibility, but I really can't see any way to create the Amsterdam ArenA with the options avaliable in the game sorry, I really wanted it in as well

  6. I just started a ML with FC Twente so it's great to see the Grolsch Veste will be in the game as well :)

  7. Hi Paul,

    Excellent work as always!

    You can get away with using the 'London' stadium for Arsenal as its quite similar to the emirates. That will free up one place to add a different custom stadium... Maybe Elland Road? Or possibly Stadium of Light (Sunderland)


  8. Reply button doesn't seem to be working at the minute so I will answer you both in 1 post.

    @Anonymous, Someone asked for it so I was happy to add it as lot of Dutch people use the file. I started my BAL the other day & I'm playing for NEC, I took some IG video of the De Kuip when I played Feyenoord & will upload it when I get chance.

    @Garth, It is pretty much identical, but I think the adboards make it look really good so I will leave it in, but have taken on board your suggestions for stadiums & will look at doing them later as imports.

    1. Champion!

      Do you have a link or know where I could get the images for boards to make Elland Road? Wouldn't mind a crack at it myself.

      Cheers mate.

    2. I used to have boards, but I lost them & links to where I got them originally no longer work. It is what stopped me adding it to the 20. If I find any I will make it as a import mate

  9. hey paul just say
    Rose Park Stadium is stadium from aston villa(villa park)
    Royal London Stadium is emirates(from arsenal)
    Bristol Mary Stadium-Veltins arena( i think ist from schalke)
    Burg Stadion-Bay Arena(bayer leverkusen)
    Stade de Sagittaire (Stade de Gerland)
    Estadio De Escorpiao (MaracanĂ£)
    Ville Marie Stadium (Estadio Azteca)
    Stadio Orione (Stadio Angelo Massimino)

    here i found i think it would help you
    From jozo

  10. Delighted to see a Scottish stadium in your OF Paul, really appreciate it and look forward to the final results

  11. Are there supposed to be 3 new stadiums in the most recent subscriber update as that's all I seem to have? Also what were the teams kits put in as I can't seem to open them normally only what is in the thumbnail one looks like Belgium but that hasn't shown up on the ps3 if so?

    1. Yeah I think it was just the 3, will hopefully have all 20 stadiums in for tomorrows subscriber update. Not 100% on the kits as I have done a few since, but Belgium was one plus Bosnia & Bulgaria I think.

  12. Hi Paul, I saw on WENB that like the transfers Data Pack 2 the new formations/tactics for clubs were not automatically updated either but instead have to be done manually by defaulting them on each team.
    If I read correctly for example Man Utds formation has changed from 4-4-2 to something else.

    Has this already been done on your v1.3 option file?

    Also, if you plan to do The Amex stadium (Brighton home ground) in the coming months I'd appreciate it loads!

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Rowan, I haven't looked at it yet but will check & get back to you.

      Amex is noted hopefully I will be able to do all the remaining PL stadiums & all the Championship stadiums so people can pick & choose.

      Cheers, Paul

    2. Just to follow up on this I had a look & there is no way to default formations. They all seem to be ok to me although I did notice Konami had messed up a few captains. The lineups seem to have changed since the data pack.

      Maybe it is only a problem if you had edited the formations before applying the data pack which I didn't do except for the teams I created.

      Hope that makes sense

    3. If you go Edit >> Teams >> Choose a team like Man Utd >> Game Plan >> Data Management >> Default. It should change from 4-4-2 to a 4-2-3-1 I think. For Man City it is the opposite where they go from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-4-2. Others are more subtle like the captain for Barca switches from between Pique and Puyol and for Arsenal and others it is slight player movement. For Liverpool their midfield is now a triangle instead of the weird 3 in a line previously. Can't tell if tactics has changed for each team either, or whether it's been done for National teams as well (unlikely).

      Definitely haven't edited all the formations of all teams before the data pack though.

      Let me know what you think.

    4. Cheers Rowan, I will take a look at them as the Utd one is probably more like there actual formation, although the city one is probably better as the original.

      In the next few weeks I will ask for formation suggestions the same as I have already done with faces.