Saturday, 13 October 2012

Thanks For Helping Defeat Cancer

Hi guys, some of you may have seen this post just over a week ago. Since that post 40 people became subscribers to my file so I have made a $40 donation to the Cancer Councils Wagga Relay For Life, you can check it out here.

Thanks guys for supporting a great charity.

I'm off to actually enjoy playing PES for a couple of hours, will check back in later to answer any questions.

Here's a little bit of video of people walking through the night

If you would like to donate go here & click sponsor me.

Thanks, Paul


  1. What a great thing to do Paul!

    1. Cheers mate, It's a cause that means alot to me

  2. hi for v1.3 i must update to data pack 2.0 first b4 updating? and all the names has been fixed too? thanks.

  3. hi paul i donno if u play MLO but if u do does it work perfect? cause mine says lost connection some times :(

  4. Hi mate I havent played any MLO this year, but I think the problem is the heavy load on the servers after the dlc problems. It should be better in a few days

  5. hey bro, i finally managed to subscribe to your OF after months of trying! cant wait for ver 1.4 already..haha.