Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sunbscriber Update & 1st Team Import Tomorrow

Hi guys, I'm going to the coast tomorrow afternoon so I will be releasing this weeks subscriber update a day early. I will have internet access while I'm away so will still be able to reply to you all, but I might be slower :)

The update has lots of good things including the South American NT kits, more player apperances & there will be at least 1 (hopefully 2) team import. Plus lots of other things I have probably forgotten I've done.

I finished Rangers earlier for all you Ger's fans & hope to have Huddersfield done by the morning aswell.  Here's a couple of preview pics for Rangers.


I will post a video on the FAQ's page shortly showing how to add these teams to your game.


  1. what time will the update be? i will have the emblems done before you go

  2. Between 11pm & 12am your time mate. Thanks again you're a legend.

    BTW did you see that Arsenal kit formula?

    1. ok mate , i should have it done pretty quick , yeah cheers mate

  3. Great stuff! When will you add the ML Newface players? Are they coming this week?

  4. Rangers is looking good Paul, very well done mate!!!