Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Alternate Editdata with Championship Emblems

Hi guys, thanks to Marc on pesgaming I know have a editdata file for v1.3 that has the Championship emblems instead of the Liga Zon Sagres & couple of Bundesliga teams. If you would like to use this the link is on the downloads page.

If you are subscriber don't use this, I have just sent you a different file to work with yesterdays update.

Thanks for reading & thanks again Marc.



  1. Hi paul. Great work mate.

    A couple of things: Firstly, when you say in previous posts that you can download the full championship, do you mean all 24 and you can import which teams you want to keep, or do you mean the original 18 that you listed earlier?

    Regarding this, if you have created all 24 championship teams, how can I choose who I want in the game?

    Secondly, it appears that Burnley's emblem is that of Bristol City's, not Burnley. How can I change this?

    1. I also have a third question. Not meaning to sound demanding, but are you going to be working on the kits for the Championship teams also?

      Many thanks for everything mate.

    2. Hi Jamie, sorry full is a bit misleading isn't it, by that I means kits & players. At the moment it's just the 18 teams but starting next week I will be creating the 6 missing teams for subscribers to import.

      Thanks for the info about the emblems, I will check this with Marc.

      The kits are all in, but I'm going to do a bit of work on the formulas to get them looking better.

      Glad your enjoying it, Paul

  2. hi paul i checked 1.3 and i did in fact make a mistake i have emailed you the fixed update , 1.4 is fine

    1. No worries mate, thanks for doing that.

      New link is up guys :)

  3. hii paul
    i have your files up to v1.2
    do i download your original v1.3 then copy marc's alternate file or just marac's file ?

    thanks paul you the man

    1. Add v1.3 1st then marc's file mate

  4. hi paul
    can you help me? i download Alternate Editdata with Championship Emblems N/A
    PES2013 Emblem Pack and make all these instructions :
    Download the Emblem Pack
    * Extract the file
    * Create a folder on your USB "PS3>PICTURES"
    * Copy the logos you want to this folder
    * Plug your USB into your PS3 & go to pictures & copy the files

    but my USB are empty, there are no more files or pictures when i try copy on ps3