Friday, 12 October 2012


Ok guys after nearly 3 hours of trying to solve the problems caused by the data pack I dont know what else to try so I'm vgoing to get some sleep & look again in a few hours.

If anyone can find a download link for data pack v1.00 I would be very greatful all as it would save me losing everything I have done this week, or if someone hasnt downloaded the new data pack if they could copy their datapack from thieir PS3 & either email it to me or send me a download link.

Really sorry that I couldn't have the much anticipated update ready for you guys.

Thanks for your patience,

Paul :(


  1. Guy here saying he is using your option file fine after the update? Post 9

  2. I think Paul, If someone can send you the file you need, ie with the latest patch BUT NOT THE DLC then you will be fine.... I think, and I may be wrong but in the end it will be a case of....

    You will have to choose between an option file or online play.

    1) option file. Do NOT install the DLC. You can install the update to 1.01 and it works fine

    2) online play. Delete your option file and install both 1.01 and the DLC

    I`m more than happy to sack off the online play, unfortunatly I have already downloaded the DLC :(

  3. It work for my I started to install 1.01 then I done llosd dlc 2.0 it work but for some reason the name of the Netherlands is wrong it's not the real name and players faces
    And the shirt sponsors of some pl tems are gone( Wigan west Ham west bromwith

  4. The option file is working fine for me as well, even after downloading the data pack. Only thing that's happened is that the names on the Dutch team have gone back to the fake ones, and the club teams BATE and Anzhi don't have the correct players. All logos and kits that came with your OF are working.

  5. that would be cos i made changes to the file , tiny things like emblem switch , i am uploading it now for you to look at paul


  6. @mockme i never checked the players names

  7. Paul, It wouldn't let me copy the data pack off the PS3 as I think it's part of the Utility data.

    Konami have just announced that they're taking the data pack off the air, so I think your best bet would be to delete your current datapack, create a new user, download DLC 1 Datapack on that user and hopefully that might get your OF stable.

  8. However, deleting your current datapack might make things worse. Maybe we should just hold out until Konami issue a patch to stop the freezing.

  9. Update 3: Apparently the first data pack is no longer available. Looks like its best to play the waiting game for a patch.

  10. The DLC pack 2 isn't available due to people having problems with it, so it's been delayed, but not sure when we can download the DLC :/