Wednesday, 22 August 2012

PES2013 Option File, Updates Schedule

Ok even though there will be 2 or 3 more updates to come for my 2012 file, PES2013 is nearly upon us.  Due to the positive feedback I have recieved I am going to trial a paid subscription where you will recieve weekly updates as well as offer the file free with monthly updates.  Below is a schedule of how I plan to release updates.

1st weekend after the games release - Intial file with corrected club kits, emblems, fake players renamed.

1-2 weeks later - Full Bundesliga

Another 1-2 weeks after that - Full Championship

After that a free update will be released on the 1st Monday of each month, & those of you who pay to subscribe will recieve weekly updates each Friday starting from 1 week of the games release.

The free updates will be uploaded to Mediafire & as with this year there will be the individual updates as well as the latest full file.

Those of you who subscribe will recieve their weekly updates via e-mail & as a added bonus I am also considering creating the 6 Championship teams that will not be in the normal file & providing them as exported teams.

As I have said before my reason for doing this is so that I can spend more time putting even more detail into the option file.  I will intially accept subscriptions up until the end of October & if enough people take up the option then the weekly updates will continue.  If not enough of you take up the option then those of you who have already paid will have their money refunded & there will just be the monthly updates.

You can declare your interest from now by clicking on the "Buy Now" button at the top of the page the cost is AUD$10.

If when the game is released & your BLES code ends up being different to mine then you can e-mail me & I will refund your money.

Cheers, Paul

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