Tuesday, 7 August 2012

2013 Option File

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts on here over the last few days due to me being away in Sydney for the weekend.

I want to elborate on my earlier post regarding a possible optional subscription for my 2013 file.  At the moment I work from home repairing computers, this gives me plenty of time to create or search for players stats, apperances, kits, etc to go into the file & then most nights I spend 1 or 2 hours adding everything into the game.  In the next few months I will be stopping this & going back into a normal job which will obviously give me less time for getting everything together.

Up until March each version of my file was getting around 10,000 downloads, this has dropped off since but that always happens as people get bored of the game & stop playing.  Now if even 30% of those people paid the $10 fee I would have $30,000 which would mean I wouldn't need to get a normal job.

This would also mean I could spend more time putting even more detail into next years file.  At the moment I have a spreadsheet for the Bundesliga & Championship so I can see if I have stats for a player or a face build or scan.  If all goes well I hope to do this with the other leagues in the game as well.  As an example very few players outside of the created teams have face builds, its just scans or default apperances, with more time I could add builds where I dont have a scan so that every player looks as realistic as possible.

I only need to hear from people who are interested, if you don't want to pay there will always be a free version it will just be that the updates will not be as regular as they have been this year (but it will still be updated right through to September).

Thanks for taking the time to read this & thanks again to those of you who e-mailed me in support of this after the last post.

The next update is comming on Thursday, here's a few preview pics.


  1. Hi paul2478
    Personaly I download every update you give us, and I love it! The option files makes sure, that I'm playing the PES-games all year around.
    I think it is very fair that you charge some money for the files, because the job you are doing are awesome!
    One thing I am very fustrated about is, that you don't do anything with the stats, and I know that you say that you won't touch it, then it is still a lot of work for me(us), that we have to make the stats again for good players that are bad in PES. If you did that too, then I would say that you could easily charge $10-20 for it, and many would do it and think, that it is cheap for the work you do.

    1. I wouldn't like it at all when player stats would change. When playing online the stats will revert to the default stats and thus the same player will play very differently compared to offline.

    2. Good to hear from both of you. My main problem with editing the stats of in game players is that you & me may think that a certain player needs his stats raised, but everyone else thinks they were ok.