Monday, 13 August 2012

2013 Option File Teams

Even though I'm still working on my 2012 option file, I'm starting to think about what to include in my 2013 file.  Over the next few days I will post new blogs asking for your suggestions starting today with the teams.

As usual there will be a full Bundesliga plus a 18 team Championship, its always nice to have some new teams so at the moment I'm thinking of replacing Bristol City, Crystal Palace & Millwall with Charlton Athletic, Sheffield Wednesday & Watford.  Also the 3 teams relegated from the Premiership will replace the 3 promoted teams.

What are your thought's?  Let me know in the comments.

Also this year see's the introduction of South American teams for Master League.  Looking in the demo the Brazilian League has already been added & will be fully licensed, with rumours of the Argentinian League as well, which should be confirmed later this week as Gamescon.

Again not confirmed at the moment but from what I can see in the demo there will be another blank league for South America as well as a 2nd division.  What leagues would you like to see?  I was thinking the Colombian league if the Argentinian League is included & for the Brazilian Serie B for the 2nd division.

Again I want to hear you thoughts. 

Thanks for reading, Paul


  1. i agree with your suggestions. please remember to indicate your option file code number for pes 2013.

  2. Sounds great. I didn't even know the Brazilian league would be included. It would be great to start a ML with a Serie B team and work my way to the top :D

  3. Cheers for the feedback. BLES code will be announced as soon as I have the game.

  4. Hi Paul

    First of all:

    Thanks for your undisputed option files that has improved our games a lot.

    And moreover
    Can you tell which teams and leagues are licensed in the upcoming PES 13?????

    And on which date it will be released in South Asia?????

    1. What I know at the moment other than the info about the Brazilian League is that the European Leagues are the same as PES2012 with the promoted teams replacing the relegated leagues. Spurs are no longer licensed in the PL their replacement hasn't been announced yet but I think it will most likely be Liverpool or Newcastle.

      The only other changes so far in the Other European Teams section where a few teams have been removed or replaced as well as the African & Asian NT's.

      I will give more info once its confirmed as all licenses haven't been finalised yet, nor has a release date.