Friday, 7 December 2012

New Subscriber Update Out Now

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update. There are few kit tweaks for a couple of the Championship sides & lots more player apperances. Mainly builds this week with just a few scans, next week should see alot more scans added though.

Have a great weekend, Paul


  1. hi Paul..
    Can You Help Me?
    Why i can't import any logos file to club..from my picture in PS3
    My PS3 getting Error 800...bla..bla..
    so i can't change NPower Logos
    My PES Version is 1.02 n Datapack 2.00

    1. Hi mate, do you get the error when you try to copy the pictures to your PS3 or when you try to add them in PES?

    2. when i adding new logos to stock
      when i choosed import image file with max 4MB
      i getting error..
      so i can't change the logos to stock

    3. I'm not sure what is happening there mate, it is not something I have heard of happening, unless the image is larger than 4mb

    4. hi paul..
      can you help me to change BPL club logos to default
      and the NPower club logos to Original..(Switch Between Barclays to Npower)
      just give me the link for your edit data Option File..

    5. If you goto the download links page, there is a alternate editdata file which has the Championship emblems instead of the portuguese & some german ones.