Wednesday, 19 December 2012

1st Online Community Match

Hi guys, I just played the 1st community match against RahemproBarca. I've got to say it was very enjoyable as just before I played a random ranking match for the 1st time & ended up playing  someone who picked Milan & the match lagged from start to finish (I got thumped 4-1, I was Sampdoria).

I thought maybe it was my connection (which can be dodgy), but once we got in the community game was lag free & a pleasure to play. Rahem even sent me & message before hand saying no Madrid or Barca. He picked Deportivo & I picked Fulham.

I have to say he dominated me for most of the match & I was lucky to escape with a 1-1 draw thanks to some good defending from Hangeland. I recorded the highlights but I was a bit slow so they cut out before the finish, here they are

So thats match one done, hopefully more of you will join soon. Cheers, Paul


  1. hi paul, how do you start a match in the community?

    1. I think you need to send a invite to another player. I will check it out in more detail later though.

  2. Hey paul i'll add you on psn, my name will be:
    So make sure you accept!