Saturday, 13 July 2013

Subscription Files For Xbox

Hi guys, thanks to the amazing 7oy I can now provide the weekly subscription updates for Xbox users. Due to time differences they will be released a day after the PS3 version as 7oy won't get the file until I release it for PS3 as it is worked on right up until I release.

If you have already subscribed and want the Xbox version sent to you instead of the PS3 version then email me a let me know. Also any new subscribers let me know when you subscribe if you would like the PS3 or Xbox version so I can send you the right one.

Cheers, Paul


  1. Hey Paul. Could you please tell me how on earth you edit the original kits on PS3? I wanted to create a personal kit for Juventus in the game,but I cant unless I replace the original kits first :( I guess i have to know what code the kit has?

    1. Hi mate, you need to unlink them using the w!LD editor

  2. Could you Please add the 2014 juventus kit

  3. Hi Paul,

    thanks for releasing xbox360 version of your OF. btw do you have a full version for xboxb360? there are some missing emblem and the jersey are still blank. or is there a way to fix this ?

    thanks a lot

    1. Have you downloaded & added each version in order mate?

    2. may i ask how to do that ?

      start from what version? i see on the xbox360 download there are :
      1.8 (Compatible with datapack 3.0)
      2.5 (Compatible with datapack 6.0)
      2.6 (Compatible with datapack 6.0)
      2.7 (Compatible with datapack 6.0)
      2.8 (Compatible with datapack 6.0)

      do i need the version below 1.8 ?


    3. I think you can start from v2.5 mate, but if you end up missing files then add from v1.8 in order. Will hopefully have one link with all the files in one soon

    4. ok paul, will try it. thanks