Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Players You Don't Want To Lose

Hi guys,

Even though the new Konami DLC is at least a couple of weeks away still (I don't have a date yet), I want to be prepared so I can get my update out to you all as quickly as possible. What I would like to know today is which players who will be removed by the next DLC you would like to see remain in the OF? The players that will be removed are those that are not in a NT squad & have transferred or gone on loan to a team not in my OF.

Let me know your thoughts and I will do the best I can to save them, although I do have limited space.

Cheers, Paul


  1. Not sure who will be removed, but we will wait and see.

    1. Cheers Tony, generally it will be players that have moved to teams not in my OF. At least with the editor even if I miss them before I can get them back :)

    2. You're option file is the best ever and that's a fact that everybody must admitted, and I would like to see some classic players like Brazilian Ronaldo, rivaldo, r.baggio, nesta and maradona.
      And thank you so much ^^

  2. Hi Ali, I'm glad you are enjoying the OF. I don't like having players who have retired in my game though, so I won't be putting any of those back in sorry.