Sunday, 3 February 2013

General News

Hi guys, 1st up sorry for my slower responses this weekend, but it has been busy so I haven't had the time I normally have to check the blog.

I'm having a few problems updating the transfers page, hopefully I should be able to get it done soon.

v1.8 will be out tomorrow & will contain everything that has been included in the last few subscriber updates including the relinked preset faces.

Big news for the week is there will also be a Xbox version of my OF either later this week or next weekend. 7oy is going to convert v1.8 so that it can be used on any Xbox & it will bring in all the face scans & kits as well as everything else from my PS3 OF.

This is a huge step forward & even if it is not the first OF to do this it will certainly be one of the first, and once again I have to say a big thanks to 7oy for taking the time to convert it all, just as he has done previously with the Face Scan packs. More news on this later in the week.

Cheers, Paul


  1. Will 1.8 contain all the winter transfers?

    1. Yes & no mate. All transfers I am aware of are done except for 2 exceptions.

      1. players where the squad is full
      2. players that are not IG (these will be added after the next Konami DLC)

    2. So, when will next Konami DLC ? Maybe u know it paul.

  2. I can't wait mate!!
    Hey do you know when the official transfer from konami will be release??
    I'm hoping they adding more stats' for few players, like all the underrated wonderkids, such kovacic or coutinho..

  3. No word yet on the Konami DLC, last year it didn't arrive until March. Hopefully it will be earlier this year.

  4. is 1.08 coming in the next hours ?

    we r waiting ..

    1. Very soon mate, just uploading it now :)

  5. Thank u very much our legendary editor ..

    u enhance the PES experiences to real ..