Thursday, 6 April 2017

PES Universe PS4 OF V4 Out Now

Hi guys,

Sorry this is a few days late, been a bit busy, but V4 of the PES Universe is out now here

There is a pretty good run down on the page of what is new so I won;t bother repeating it all here. I'm still working on transfer updates for Liga MX & J-League along with the other South American & Asian teams, they should all be done very soon though.

Apologies this has taken so long, but real life has gotten in the way.

Enjoy, Paul


  1. Hi

    Thanks for your work

    I have a question about this v4 OF,
    do I have to import both .bin file of Argentina and Chile Leagues? or just choose one of them? Because I think there are 2 bins file on that leagues, one within the team name folder and the other is separate .bin file.

    Thanks a alot

    1. Sorry for the slow reply, you only need to choose one of each

  2. Hi Paul,
    I just update my PS4 with V4 ,but some outdated formation of Premier league has come.In Chelsea there are Ivanovic & Oscar in my Chelsea team.Why is that?Is it the way I do English Premier league after tick the second one or why is happen.