Thursday, 25 September 2014

PES 2015 Plans

Hi guys, I hope you are all enjoying the PES 2015 Demo and my final PES 2014 update. Before I get into the main reason for this post I would just like to reassure BLAS users that the final update is coming, I'm about 50% through the conversion and it will be uploaded at some point over the weekend and then I will upload the ISL update for all versions. I still haven't played the demo, but will do so tonight and will post my thoughts sometime next week.

Now onto my PES 2015 plans, every year around July as I'm busy updating transfers and kits I start thinking about the new game and what I will do. Last year around this time I was pretty sure I wouldn't do a OF for PES 2014, but then I realised how much I would miss it and decided to continue. Even though I have always edited PES for myself I started releasing OF's from PES 2010 and have done so each year since. This year I'm thinking a little differently, so at this stage I won't be releasing a full option file, but I enjoy editing too much to give up completely so I will do something a little different instead.

I have two main reasons for my change of plans the main one being the amount of time it takes to create and maintain the OF, I don't want to release something half arsed or start a OF only not to finish it or stop updating it. I have always taken great pride in releasing updates right up to the start of the new game/season and I don't want to stop now. The second reason is the weekly updates from Konami that will happen this year, obviously until more news is released we don't know how this will impact OF's, but I hope my plans will stop this being a real issue.

What I'm plan to do is just create team imports, so instead of adding a complete file you will just be able to import the teams you want into your game, I will create imports for unlicensed in game teams so you can quickly import the kits/emblems for them. This means that even if the Konami updates mess up the edits each time you can just import the effected teams again each time rather than me having to fix everything every week. It will also give you all the freedom to create the game the way you want it rather than how I like it by changing what you want and exporting it to import back into your game after each Konami update.

Also with the return of the stadium editor I will create stadiums as well as long as the option is still there to export/import them so you will all be able to choose which stadiums you want in your game. Hopefully unlike PES 2013 there is no limit so we can have as many extra stadiums as we like.

At the moment this will all be for PS3, I most likely won't get a PS4 for 12 months, but if this changes then you can all expect PS4 content as well as PS3.

In regards to teams there are ones I will most likely make no matter what such as all the Bundesliga teams, but I'm open to suggestions, any team from any era. All suggestions are welcome, but if you want me to guarantee to create them the you need to make the following donations here

AU$10 Any team created for PES2015 (PS3) with kit, emblem, players with correct stats and at least correct hairstyle, skin colour and boots accessories

AU$20 Any team created for PES 2014 and PES2015 (PS3) with kit, emblem, players with correct stats and at least correct hairstyle, skin colour and boots accessories

These donations need to be made by 10th October, if you can't make the donation throught that link then let me know and I will provide a alternate way. I'm sorry to keep asking for these donations, but it is something that is very important to me as my Dad, Grandfather and Father-In-Law have all died from cancer and so anything that can find a cure to this disease helps. Even if you don't want anything in return any donations are most welcome, I think the minimum is AU$2, even looking at just the downloads of the last version last time I checked that would be more than AU$4000 if everyone did that (I understand not everyone can).

That's about all for now, I will post more info on my plans as more details are released.

Cheers, Paul


  1. That's great Paul massive news & the import, export issue will work well as konami will make weekly update,am with you any help for PES 2015 just let me know. And at last am starting making adboard logo, emblem & kits soon as konami make more detail on Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 ;)


    1. No worries Paul i always make kits in every PES EDITION since PES 2011.
      And this year as the stadium Editor is back am currently making Premier League teams adboard right now.


  2. Dear Paul,

    Is it easy to fix the unlicensed stuffs in PES 15, how bout unlicensed logos of leagues, logos of teams, fake players and fake team names...???
    It takes time each time 'cause we must imports lots of teams.

    1. That's what I'm saying, I will make teams that you can import over the fake teams giving you the correct kits & players. Fixing league names/emblems will take you about 20 minutes & once you have done it you won't need to do it again.

    2. Yeah got ya and how about players appearance and created stadium, also use the import function right, Paul?

    3. Stadiums will be imports & appearances will also be part of team imports ;)

    4. Yeah Paul, can't wait to load your OF for PES 15. :)

  3. Transfers, line-ups, squad numbers, create players, appearances...
    You should let that go for 2015, we should do it ourselves. It would be great if you do some kits, emblems for us.

    1. That was my thinking, plus transfers are only a issue at the end of the season anyway ;)

  4. Hi Paul will make Bundesliga & Bundesliga League 2 in PES 2015?

    1. Bundesliga definitely. Bundesliga 2 possibly, depends on donations though ;)

  5. The final update was epic! Thank you for everything, Paul!
    Cheers from Brazil!

  6. Hey paul

    First thanks for all your work and love to make this game real and thanks to bhattu ass well respect for that and all the time that you spend on it
    Im decide to donate i say once that it was hard to miss some money my wife was mot agree but i havr space to donate in november i dont forget it then i do it for you .

    I have a question in pes 2015 can you make the turkish leauge and the bundesliga ass wel plz

    1. Glad you have enjoyed it mate & that would be great. I have no plans to make Turkish teams unless people make donations requesting them.

  7. Hi Paul,

    Will there be a guide on how to patch your work since we need to do it ourselves in future ? Is it very complex ? Anyway, loved your work. Have a great day.

    1. I will post a guide once I start releasing the files mate. Glad you have enjoyed the OF ;)

  8. Thnx Paul, but no FC Dordrecht in the eredivisie?

    1. No sorry, because of the ML issue I had to stop adding the promoted teams for the licensed leagues.

  9. Hi All,
    i have made some last kits for PES 2014 [BASEL COMPLETE,BELENENSES AWAY & BOLTON THIRD]. Hope u r having enjoy the Final Update & PES 2015 DEMO ;)

    If you want these kits just mail me on


    1. Hi Paul i have created a thread in pesgaming for my KITS work.

  10. Thanks Paul vut how about team emblems and uniforms how will we able to add those ? Im a little confused sorry...

    1. Hi mate Paul will export all unlicensed teams all kits will be in emblem,team name etc ;)
      Plus i will make pes 2015 kits ;)

  11. PES 2015 UPDATE
    In addition, this chart here, bad news for Next Gen:
    Player number:
    PS4: 1 to 4 (22 online)
    PS3: 1 to 7 (22 online)
    X1: 1 to 8 (22 online).
    PS4: PS+ required, but you don't need it if you're playing against CPU in myClub
    PS3: free
    X1: Gold required.
    PS4: Pixel edit, No. Image loading, No. Stadium edit, Yes.
    PS3: Pixel edit, Yes. Image loading, Yes. Stadium edit, Yes.
    X1: Pixel edit, No. Image loading, No. Stadium edit, Yes.
    Custom Music:
    PS4: No.
    PS3: Yes.
    X1: No.
    PS4: Yes.
    PS3: n/a.
    X1: n/a.
    PS4: Yes.
    PS3: No.
    X1: n/a.
    Frame rate:
    PS4: 60.
    PS3: 60.
    X1: 60.
    PS4: 1080p.
    PS3: 720p.
    X1: 720p.
    PS4: Entrance cutscenes.
    PS3: No cutscenes except for the UEFA Champions League and Europ league.
    X1: Entrance cutscenes.

  12. Hi Paul & Bhattu Krishna, So best to buy PES 2015 is PS3 or PS4.Which region is ur choice.I mean BLES or BLUS.(according to you)

    1. Hi mate i will not buy PS4 but i will continue my work on PES 2015 [PS3] as always i will buy bless version [EU]

    2. Hi mate, I will be getting the BLES PS3 version as always ;)

    3. thanks Paul & Bhattu

  13. Hi Paul any news about the license list for PES2015 ?

    1. National leagues:

      French League (fully licensed)
      French 2nd division (all teams licensed)
      English League (only Man United licensed)
      English 2nd division (correct players only)
      Italian League (all teams licensed)
      Italian 2nd division (all teams licensed)
      Dutch League (fully licensed)
      Spanish League (fully licensed)
      Spanish 2nd division (all teams licensed)
      Portuguese League (only Porto, Benfica and Sporting licensed)
      Brazilian League (all teams licensed)
      Argentine League (fully licensed)
      Chilean League (fully licensed)


      AFC Champions League
      Copa Libertadores
      Copa Sudamericana
      Recopa Sudamericana
      UEFA Champions League
      UEFA Europa League
      UEFA Super Cup

    2. Hi Mate here`s some up to date


      AFC Champions League
      AFC Cup (Unlicensed)

      Africa Cup of Nations (Unlicensed)

      CONCACAF Gold Cup (Unlicensed)

      Copa Libertadores
      Copa Sudamericana
      Recopa Sudamericana
      Copa América (Unlicensed)


      OFC Nations Cup (Unlicensed)


      UEFA Champions League
      UEFA Europa League
      UEFA Super Cup
      UEFA European Championship (Unlicensed)


      Suruga Bank Championship (Only in Asian version)
      FIFA Club World Cup (Unlicensed)
      FIFA World Cup (Unlicensed)

      National Leagues

      Ligue 1 (Fully licensed)
      France: Ligue 2
      England/Wales: Premier League (League and teams (except Manchester United F.C.) unlicensed, players licensed)
      England/Wales: Football League Championship
      Italy: Serie A (League unlicensed, teams and players licensed)
      Italy: Serie B
      Netherlands: Eredivisie (Fully licensed)
      Spain: La Liga (Fully licensed)
      Spain: Liga Adelante
      Portugal: Primeira Liga (League and teams (except FC Porto, Benfica and Sporting CP) unlicensed, players licensed)
      Brazil: Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (league unlicensed, teams and players licensed)
      Argentina: Argentine Primera División (Fully licensed)
      Chile: Chilean Primera División (Fully licensed)
      Japan: J. League Division 1 (Only in Asian version, fully licensed)
      Japan: J. League Division 2

      National Cups

      Spain: Copa del Rey (Licensed)
      England/Wales: FA Cup (Unlicensed)
      France/Monaco: Coupe de France (Licensed)
      Italy: Coppa Italia (Licensed)
      Netherlands: KNVB Cup (Licensed)
      Portugal: Taça de Portugal (Unlicensed)
      Argentina: Copa Argentina (Unlicensed)
      Brazil: Copa do Brasil (Unlicensed)
      Chile: Copa Chile (Unlicensed)
      Colombia: Copa Colombia (Unlicensed)
      Japan: Emperor's Cup (Only in Asian version, licensed)

      Other Competitions

      PEU League
      PLA League
      PAS League
      PDII League

      Other teams (Europe)

      Austria Wien
      Austria: Rapid Wien
      Austria: FC Red Bull Salzburg
      Azerbaijan: Qarabağ FK
      Belarus: FC BATE Borisov
      Belarus: Dinamo Minsk
      Belgium: Club Brugge
      Belgium: RSC Anderlecht
      Belgium: Sporting Lokeren
      Belgium: Standard de Liege
      Bosnia and Herzegovina: FK Željezničar
      Bosnia and Herzegovina: FK Sarajevo
      Bosnia and Herzegovina: FK Mladost Velika Obarska
      Bulgaria: PFC Ludogorets Razgrad
      Croatia: GNK Dinamo Zagreb
      Croatia: HNK Hajduk Split
      Croatia: HNK Rijeka
      Croatia: RNK Split
      Cyprus: APOEL FC
      Cyprus: Apollon Limassol
      Czech Republic: Slovan Liberec
      Czech Republic: Slavia Praha
      Czech Republic: Sparta Praha
      Czech Republic: Viktoria Plzen
      Denmark: Aalborg
      Denmark: Brøndby IF
      Denmark: F.C. Copenhagen
      Denmark: FC Nordsjaelland
      Finland: HJK Helsinki
      Germany: FC Bayern Munich
      Germany: Bayer 04 Leverkusen
      Germany: Borussia Mönchengladbach
      Germany: Borussia Dortmund
      Germany: VFL Wolfsburg
      Germany: FC Schalke 04
      Greece: Asteras Tripoli F.C.
      Greece: Olympiacos F.C.
      Greece: Panathinaikos F.C.
      Greece: PAOK FC
      Hungary: Videoton FC
      Republic of Ireland: Shamrock Rovers
      Israel: Hapoel Tel Aviv
      Israel: Maccabi Haifa
      Israel: Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C.
      Kazakhstan: FC Shakhter Karagandy
      Kazakhstan: FC Aktobe
      Kazakhstan: FC Astana
      Moldova: Sheriff Tiraspol
      Norway: Rosenborg BK
      Poland: Legia Warsaw
      Romania: CFR Cluj
      Romania: FC Astra Giurgiu
      Romania: FC Petrolul Ploiești
      Romania: Steaua Bucuresti
      Russia: CSKA Moscow
      Russia: Dinamo Moscow
      Russia: FC Krasnodar
      Russia: FC Zenit Saint Petersburg
      Russia: Rubin Kazan
      Scotland: Celtic FC
      Scotland: Motherwell FC
      Serbia: FK Crvena Zvezda
      Serbia: FK Partizan
      Slovakia: MSK Zilina
      Slovakia: Slovan Bratislava
      Slovenia: NK Koper
      Slovenia: NK Maribor
      Sweden: AIK
      Sweden: Malmo FF
      Switzerland: Young Boys
      Switzerland: FC Basel
      Switzerland: FC Zürich
      Switzerland: Grasshopper Club Zurich
      Turkey: Besiktas JK
      Turkey: Fenerbahçe S.K.
      Turkey: Galatasaray S.K.
      Turkey: Trabzonspor
      Ukraine: Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk
      Ukraine: FC Dinamo Kiev
      Ukraine: FC Metalist Kharkiv
      Ukraine: FC Shakhtar Donetsk


    3. Where did you get that list of Other European Teams mate? Wherever it was it is incorrect, Dortmund won't be in the game as they have an exclusive deal with EA. I would say only about half of those will be in ;)


    5. Thought so, I wouldn't believe it, a few years ago I think it was PES 2013 before release the wiki page had almost every league in the world listed as being in the game before release ;)

    6. Yes Paul we must wait till konami announce the list license & unlicense list ;)

    7. It would be amazing to have four Danish teams in the game! Especially Brøndby would be great to have in the game again.

    8. Yeah the more teams the better I say, you would think it would be pretty easy to pick up licenses for teams from smaller leagues.

  14. Hi Paul, Is there any different between the DEMO of Hongkon (previous one) and the one lattest(24 sep).any update or anything different.

    1. No mate, apart from the different languages they are exactly the same ;)

    Just Import it to the game.