Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Data Pack 4.20

Hi guys, data pack 4.20 has been released, the official notes say it fixes some appearance errors, but I haven't noticed anything so far. If you have noticed anything then let me know. You can all download it as it doesn't alter anything from my last update (that I have noticed).

In other news I'm busy fixing up the transfers for the Brazilian League that didn't get updated in the last data pack. This will be one of the many things that will be in v2.1 which will be out sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Cheers, Paul


  1. hello, will end the Indonesian super league? I think that's the last thing missing in his work ....

    1. Just the kits for some teams to do to finish them off, hopefully I will have some more for the next update ;)

    2. is normal for the Perseru serui have only 17 players on the roster and only 16 players have Persik kediri?

      They are the super league of indonesia and sorry for my bad english

      The works is great Paul

    3. Yes mate, some teams it is hard to find stats for the players, so at the moment they have smaller squads than some others ;)

  2. Paul, congratulations on your great work. You really are very good. Sorry for the english, I'm using Google but had to try to get a message to you. A big hug and I look forward the next update with the correct casts of the Brazilian Soccer Championship.