Friday, 17 May 2013

New Subscriber Update

Hi guys, I have just sent out the latest subscriber update, it contains....

  • More new kits
  • More player appearances
  • More created players
  • 3 new subscriber teams (see below)
The new subscriber teams are Hertha BSC, Eintracht Braunschweig & AS Monaco. I need to update the Monaco away kit with a better PNG, but otherwise they are complete & can be added using the method in the video I sent all subscribers a few weeks ago like the other teams.

Have a great weekend, Paul


  1. where do you sent out the latest subscriber update ??

    1. Subscribers receive it via email mate

  2. Hi paul, how will I get the subscribers team? Because the subscriber update only contains kits and faces, no team imports.

    1. Follow the video I sent you a few weeks ago mate, if you get stuck email me ;)

  3. olaaa Paul,
    I imported some teams, but now the player names
    are like for example:
    - JANSEN
    - PETER
    - JAN

    and I want to get them like this:
    - Jansen
    - Peter
    - Jan

    so could U tell me, what the fastest way
    is, to get that accomplished?

    1. The quickest way is to use the w!LD editor mate, it has a option to change all names to lower case.

    2. alright mate, I'm downloadin' the w!lD editor right now,
      & could U also tell me, where I can find that option to
      change all names to lower case?

    3. I think it is under Global Edits, but cant remember for sure. I know it is pretty easy to spot