Friday, 4 January 2013

1st 2013 Subscriber Update Out

Hi Guys, I sent out the latest subscriber update earlier today, it contains

  • More player face scans/builds
  • Some of the early transfers
  • A few more players

Just to let you all know I'm off out for a few New Year's drinks at a friends in a couple of hours & probably won't be in any state to check any comments until tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, Paul


  1. hello paul u did a great job in your OF , It is the best OF for PES 2013 till now no one can beat you man ..

    can I make a propose dude ?

    1- can u talk with some details about updates you give it to us ..

    2- why do not you take care of the status of the players , because some players deserve more than what the got and also the accessory of the player boots and stuff like that ..

    3- the Brazilian players status are kind of bad u have to give it a look ..

    that is it for now , thank u for your patient , I am waiting for your reply ..

    1. Hi mate, I'm glad you like the OF.

      Because of the boot thing in ML/BAL when the game was released I did neglect boots/accessories, but I have been doing a bit of work on them & you should see more in future updates.

      Stats are a tricky one as we all have different opinions on different players. I may think a player is overrated & you might think the same player is underrated & someone else might think the stats are perfect. So I just find it easier to leave them as they are especially as most of the time people are playing ML/BAL where player stats go up & down anyway.

      Hope that answers your questions, let me know if you need to know anything else.

  2. for real man I am an arab and I am really honored to have your OF , you are creative and you put an amazing effort into your work ..

    I propose that you make a section in your blog called " players " and take the suggestion about the player that must get modified in their stunts , It might work that way , I am not pushing you to do something you don't but It would be awesome if you do it ..

    please focus on the accessories of the players specially the boots ..

    and if you can tell us about your future plans in the oF ..

    again and again thank you very much for this amazing work ..

    1. It's something to consider mate, but I will most likely leave the stats as they are for the time being.

      Plans for this month are to keep on track of transfers & continue updating player faces, boots & accessories.

  3. look here, u are disturbing me with your updates. u better stop it. making me want to play pes 2013 more and more. thanks for the good work.u are a great guy

  4. there is no need to keep updating , kits and teams are done option file done

    if you want faces buy fifa

    1. Everyone has their own preferences, I like to keep it updated.