Friday, 27 July 2012

v2.7 Avaliable

v2.7 of my option file is ready for download if you are all not bust playing the PES2013 demo.  It contains:-

  • More transfers
  • More new kits
  • More player appearances
  • New Bundesliga logo
Links are on the downloads page, enjoy


  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks again for the great work,

    Just a few new points for consideration:

    * Flamini signed a new deal with Milan in July
    * Adebayor signed a permanent deal with Tottenham again in July
    * Rüştü is no longer in Beşiktaş, he retired

    I'll keep you posted of developments as I see them, good luck.

  2. Cheers, the Adebayor transfer still hasn't gone through yet as he wants the 5 million transfer fee to be paid to him to make up for the lower wages on offer at Spurs

  3. Can the teams kits have printing like the original ones??


    1. Do you mean the names & numbers on the back of the shirts?

    2. Yes exactly bro>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    3. I can only use whats in the game, we cant import fonts to get say perfect PL numbers like can be done on PC unfortunately

    4. Ok no porblem
      Thanks for your great work

      Then how do you edit the kits of Spain and Germany?and also they were licensed??

      Again thanks

      I now its silly to ask so many questions.............sorry
      But I am a crazy man

    5. You cant edit licensed kits on PS3, don't worry about asking questions.

    6. But Spain And Germany were licensed.....

      Sorry to disturd you again

    7. Yeah I havent edited them, Germany were updated by Konami DLC, not sure about Spain

    8. So at least try to update the licensed teams for the new kits and which are not with correct numbers.A big hope from you