Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Player Appearance Requests - Round 6

Hi guys, I thought I would open up another round of player appearance requests that I will try to get done for v2.2. The rules ware the same as last time, here they are....

  1. I won't do players who have a preset face
  2. 3 players per person
  3. Please provide full name and Club/NT
  4. Please check the player appearances page here before requesting.
As always I will only accept requests from logged in users so I can track who has requested, if you don't have a Google account then you can send your requests to me via email at Any players that I can't find builds for will be noted and done when/if I can find one. You can find the list of previously requested players that I havent found builds for here

I'm currently working on v2.6, my main priority for it is to have all the correct squads for the World Cup, squads need to be finalized by the 2nd of June so it should be out a day or two after that. I will try to include any appearance requests I receive before then and you can also expect more corrected stadium names among other things. After that update is finished I will start on adding 2014/15 kits, updating transfers and adding promoted teams.

Cheers, Paul

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

v2.5 Out Now

Hi guys, v2.5 compatible with Data Pack v6.10 is out now for BLES, BLUS & BLAS versions. It contains....

Player Appearances
Over 130 new player appearances, you can see which ones are new by checking the player appearances page.

New Kits
A couple of new kits have been added in addition to those added by the new data pack.

Other Changes
A few other changes have been made such as extra players added and more updates to the Brazilian League teams. Due to time constraints I haven't fully fixed the line ups as yet for the Brazilian teams, I will do so for the next update. In the next update I will also have the complete update to the World Cup squads.

I was caught a bit by surprise with the data coming a couple of days earlier than expected so there may be a few issues. For example I know that if you look at the Copa Libertadores 2014 players in edit mode the names will show as "unregistered" this along with any other issues will be fixed in the next update.

I would have spent more time checking this, but my time is very stretched at the moment as my Father in law passed away after a long battle with cancer on Monday evening. As I said in my last post I will be taking part in a 24 hour walk for Cancer Research in October and would be grateful for any donations you are all able to make here

Enjoy, Paul

Monday, 12 May 2014

Some News

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently. Now most European leagues have either finished or are about to finish I have added a poll to the blog to find out how many of you would like to see the promoted teams added to the OF in place of the relegated teams. If I do it will be like I did with the Brazilian league in that the existing teams will not be removed completely, just moved to replace one of the fake hidden teams. I will make a decision either way based on the result of the poll, although they wont be done until after I have finished any necessary updates for the World Cup squads.

A large reason for my lack of posts is helping to take care of my father in law who is very ill, a lot of you will have seen previous posts about my wife taking part in 24 hour walks for cancer research, and this year I will be taking part as well. If you have some spare cash and want to support then you can do so here

I have been working on the OF whenever I get chance and will release the next update once all the final World Cup squads are announced.

Cheers, Paul