Thursday, 10 April 2014

Leicester City Import

Hi guys, to celebrate their promotion to the Premier League here is Leicester City that can be imported into my OF in place of any other team. The other 5 Championship teams will also be available in the coming weeks, these are the only imports I will be making.


To use this import follow these steps...

  1. Download & extract the file.
  2. Copy to your PS3 just like any other update.
  3. Start the game & go to edit mode.
  4. Select Import Team, then select the file.
  5. Choose which team you want to replace.
  6. When asked to apply line ups say yes.
  7. When asked to overwrite a emblem say yes & select the Championship emblem.
  8. Wait until everything loads & when complete save & exit edit mode.
You can choose any team to overwrite with no issues, but you will need to do this after everyone of my updates. At the moment only Schmeichel has a appearance done, but everything else with the players is correct. They have home, away, 3rd & GK kits.

Enjoy, Paul

Monday, 7 April 2014

v2.4 Out Now (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

Hi guys, v2.4 of my OF is out now for all regions. It is only one file and includes....

Error Fixes
All errors pointed out on here and PES Gaming (as well as some I noticed) have been fixed.

Player Appearances
Nearly 100 new player appearances have been added, again I need to say a big thanks to Paul for a lot of them. The player appearances page has been updated, the ones with "New" next to them are the new ones in this update.

Stadiums have been assigned and names added for all Liga Zon Sagres and Bundesliga teams.

Enjoy, Paul

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

v2.3 Out Now

Hi guys, v2.3 is now avaliable to download, links are on the downloads page. It is just a small update that has about 30 new player appearances, fixes the licensed NT squads (as per the last data pack), as well as a few other small fixes.

I won't touch the NT squads again until the World Cup squads are announced. The update also includes the Honduras GK kit that I forgot to add to v2.2.

Enjoy, Paul